June 25, 2014


I haven't done a little shop at Body Shop now for a while, since I think Christmas time. I usually go to the actual store a lot because every time you spend over £10, you get a £15 off your next £25 shop which makes everything super cheap. I wanted to get a few bits and bobs as they have brought out a few new ranges but couldn't find any codes for the store and also had non of these magical vouchers due to them being only valid for 1 month. 

I had a quick browse online after payday as I've been lusting after the blogger famous Honey Bronzer than EssieButton has been loving and a lot of other bloggers now for that matter. Whilst looking online, they had a 40% off everything code and also free delivery if you spend over £20 which is VERY easy to do. Also they have a few sale items and well, I just had to take advantage so here's a little post on what I bought. Also it's named Body Shop Haul #1 as I can see myself getting a few more bits from the new range now ...

 Body Shop Honey Bronzing Powder in shade #01 Light Matte -  RRP £13.00 for 11g compact
I HAD to get this product, it's been going crazy over the blogging world as it's apparently a perfect bronzer due to it being a matte powder and has no shimmer. Also the fact that it runs very light so is perfect for us fairer skinned ladies. I got the lightest shade as i've heard it's a perfect colour for a light flush but can also be built up if you're after a more bronzed sculpted look. The packaging is also beautiful and quite sturdy actually. I'm so excited to start using this and will post my own little review in a few weeks time to show you how I got on with it. 

Body Shop Pomegranate and Raspberry Home Burning Oils - RRP £4.00 each for 10ml
I actually bought these for my mum but personally also love the fragrance. My mum has loads of oil burners over the house and usually uses just any oils from normal superstores but sometimes the yankee tartlets. Back in Christmas 2012 I bought her a few of these to go with a new oil burner as they also had like 40% off at the time. Suffice to say, she fell in love. These give off so much scent in the room and last forever. You need to dilute a few drops into some water and then put into an oil burner and bobs your uncle. Also with the deal, they're only around £2.40 each which is cheaper than some of the Asda and Sainsbury's ones. 

 Body Shop Raspberry Shower Gel - RRP £4.00 for 250ml
I love these shower gels from Body Shop and whilst on offer, they're cheaper than some other body washes but just smell so much nice. They're really fragranced but nothing too over powering, just enough for when your scrubbing to send you into a little fruity/ nutty/ olivey puddle. This is one of the newer fragrances and smells devine. It oddly reminds me of the days when I used to work at Boost Smoothie Bar and when we used to go get the frozen raspberries from the stock freezer and you were just hit with a beautiful raspberry smell. I can tell I'm going to love this and actually now want to purchase the rest of the range.

Body Shop Olive Shower Gel - RRP £4.00 for 250ml
Just another shower gel but again EssieButton has been raving about the smell of the body butter for this fragrance and although I love the body butters, I have so many of them I didn't want to get another just for the smell. I thought the showergel would let me appreciate the smell but also that my boyfriend could use this as it's not so girly as the fruity fragrances. It's really hard to describe this but it just smells, clean? It's going to be a lovely fragrance when you just want to scrub in the morning to get clean with, plus the boyfriend will probably appreciate he won't smell like a meadow of flowers after using it. 

Body Shop Almond Conditiong Hand Wash - RRP £5.00 for 250ml
I'm actually moving in with my boyfriend in a few weeks into his house in the countryside with him and his dad. I thought I'd need some handwash and hand cream as I'll be washing my hands a lot more after taking the dog for a walk and just living in the countryside, I seem to wash my hands more when I normally stay there. I wanted some hand wash and cream to leave on the side of the sink in the kitchen as it's by the back door too and seen this combo. 
I've tried the hand cream before and love the fresh, shea smell so thought it'd be nice to get the matching hand wash too. Plus because it's conditioning, it shouldn't dry my hands out too much. I thought also that the pump bottle was handy and more hygenic than a bar of soap or something. I'm quite excited to have this little combo ready to go in a few weeks time and think the boy's might appreciate a bit of a feminine touch in the house but also not such a girly smell like the rose range. 

Body Shop Almond Hand and Nail Cream - RRP £5.00 for 30ml
I used to have the larger version of this and although I loved the product, the large one is just a little TOO large. Because of the tin style tube, when I had it in my handbag and rolled the tube down as the product was used, the packaging actually broke. It meant the product went all over my handbag and I really fell out of love. As said above though, I wanted a matching combo for the new house and I knew this product was good. I thought as it'll just but on the window sill that it won't break like it did in my handbag. Also another favourite of EssieButton. 

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