July 15, 2014

Rabbit print Wrapping paper by Handmade and Heritage £2.50
Looking for that perfect gift for a certain occasion or feeling a little greedy and want to treat yourself on a budget? I think £15 is more than acceptable to spend on a personal gift for someone whether it be for a wedding, birthday or if you're a general gift giver like me, for whenever you like to give. 
I love quirky gifts that you people wouldn't necessarily buy for themselves or think of but will love equally as much. I've rounded up a few picks from as this site really offers unique items that well quite frankly, you wouldn't find on the high street. You can buy ready made gifts that they will love or choose something a little more personal and odd your own words and names onto items. This post is NOT sponsored, I personally love the site and the items they have to offer.

Looking for a gift for that environmental concious friend? This 'Hip Hip Hooray' tote bag by Alphabet Bags at £13.00 would be perfect and this would also be a great gift for that new Bride to use whilst away on her magical honeymoon. 

Everyone loves something a little more personal, and what better than a functional and cute little item such as the Initial Coin Purse by Alphabet Bags £14.00

Sometimes a box of chocolate is a little drab and predictable right?! Why not surprise her (or treat yourself ...) with this unique edible and eye catching Honeycomb Sweet Tree by Sweet Trees at £13.99.

Every girl carries around a notebook in her bag ready to jot down that stroke of genius idea right? Just me? Well if she does, why not get her this Personalised Initial Notebook by Quirk Gift Library for £9.00 and even add her name on their too! The sturdy hardback design will survive in the magical land we call, the handbag and it's gorgeous design will go down a storm with her.

Gin and Tonic soap bar by Liberty Bee £6.99

Men love a bit of humour, and what's more funny than something they will actually probably use after they've stopped giggling about it? This Hangover Rescue Balm by Apply Me has my boyfriend's name written all over it and I'm sure every other guy would love this to, for £6.95 you can show them you really understand their humour but also give them something they will use time and time again.

Now I don't know about the men in your life, but mine will not admit to grooming or wanting to groom. Now and again, (now I don't really have any nails, I am a nail bitter .. eww I know) But my boyfriend has very long nails and I'd love for him to take care of them. I think gifts like this very manly looking Men's Manicure Set by The Contemporary Home at £10.00 is perfect to give him subliminal messages to do it.

Personalised Wooden Spoons by Aunty Mimi's £14.00

If you're not a fan of the above style spoons, you can opt for this more minimal Mr and Mrs Wooden Spoon Set design for the cheaper price of £11.00. The couple will be chuffed with the thought gone into this gift and also if they choose to not display the item, it's actually functional!

This gorgeous happily ever after styled 'Glorious Guide to Marriage' picture for £15.00 by The Story House shows the gorgeous story of marriage and will be sure to remind the couple everyday about how their relationship blossomed to the marriage they have today.

Want the perfect gift for that perfect couple? Spread the love with this Personalised 'Spread the Love' butter knife by The Cutlery Commission at £14.00 which again can be used as a display piece or even as a functional item.

Now these are just my choices for the three categories but if you want to check out the site for other options, each section will have a price guide on the side that you can amend to the budget you want to spend. As you can see, you can give some really gorgeous and personal items to people without breaking the bank.

Are you inspired to give something a little different? Did you like my choices? Let me know your thoughts below .. Thanks for reading, Love from Lucky. 

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  1. Lovely post, I definitely have to look at this website for presents in the future...they may be for myself haha. Will definitely read your future posts!

    Amazzable xox

    1. It really is amazing for little gifts and for personalised items. But also for cheeky purchases! I'm going to be making a order the moment I get paid on Friday. I love that it's individual sellers but all under one roof - a little like etsy. Thank you for the compliment and i'll be sure to do another gift guide bit maybe for a little more or even less this time!