July 12, 2014

I may have already mentioned this but in the next few weeks I'm due to be moving into my boyfriend's home with him and basically there is nothing here ... we have to start from scratch. I'm leaving all my furniture at home with mum so she has a spare room and then I've decided to take most of my little trinkets. I've spoke to the boyfriend and we've agreed we should both have separate desks that we can just escape to, they'll be in the same room but like our own personal little spaces. 

This weekend me and the boyfriend went bits and bobs shopping for a few desk top trinkets to help make them well, ours. I've picked up a few little bits and finally bought the desk but we ran into a few issues that need to be fixed first before I can start bringing all my things here. I thought whilst I was still thinking of things I wanted and what I can do with my little space, I'd share my 'inspiration' for my little space in a blog post. There is nothing more exciting that redecorating a room or adding things so I thought if you were all anything like me, you'd love it! I'm always excited myself to see how people decorate their houses and how their make there choices so that their personalities shine through. 

I'm going to do a big updated post once my desk is fully sorted showing you all the decore/home ware and organisation choices I made. Also I may include how all my make-up is stored and all my little trinkets that have made it to the top of the desk. If you would like to see any of the above keep an eye out or comment below if there's anything else you'd like to see or just want to chat!

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