July 21, 2014

So girls and guys, I caved. I had to give in and go and buy the much hyped They're Real push-up liner. I knew mainly what the product was and how good it's meant to be but just went on a whim to purchase it. The benebabe was more than helpful though and let me test it out before I purchased. I was a little apprehensive as she applied this as she was taking quite a while and seemed to be shaking and the line was really not all that good. She asked if I wanted a go myself to test it out before I bought and within seconds, I'd managed to get a smooth line easily and quickly. I will say from testing this out, from my line up to hers, you need to try and layer this if you can for real staying power and a dramatic black line. Otherwise it will start to fade in hot weather with just one quick coat. I can't wait to get to grips with this beautiful invention and hope to wear liner looks a lot more lately. I also got a free goody bag with my purchase which came with a little dinky travel version which will be perfect when I'm visiting mums house or friends. I also got a sample of the Big Easy BB Cream, a mini version of the They're Real Remover and a Hello Oxygen WOW travel size foundation which I love this foundation already so this was more than ideal. She also chucked in a sample of the Triple Performing Facial Emulsion which is my first Benefit Skincare item so this will be interesting to try out.

I also picked up a bottle of the Bleach London Silver Shampoo as I love this product and it's really been helping to banish to brassy blonde look. I put this on my hair and lather it up, leave for around 5-10 minutes depending how long I can take this as sometimes the product just drips everywhere. It's not made to be used as a toner so it will drip due to just being quite runny and well, shampoo texture. However, I love the toning results I get from this so I will continue to use it in this way. You do use a little more of the product like this but it gives me the results I'm after and love, cool, calm and collected blonde. The only con to this product is it stains like you've never seen before, REALLY stains. I mean, drop a little on of the shampoo undiluted on  your bath and leave it for about 5 seconds, rub away and you will see a lilac stain. Be careful ladies and gents, you have been warned. 

I am currently running out of my Body Shop hand sanitizer in the Strawberry scent and I'm not a hygiene freak but it's handy to have one in my handbag just incase. I picked up this Cuticura Anti Bacterial gel in the Passion Flower and Mango scent which smells SO nice, almost edible. I picked this up after seeing this featured on Becca Rose's 'what's in my handbag' post as she raved about it, and also its s dinky and pink and girly I couldn't help myself. Plus it's only £1.00! They do a clear version which I think is fragrance free for anyone who doesn't want the frills. 

And that's it, just a small little haul. I also picked up some face cloth's from the boots essentials range at £0.99p each but they didn't look too interesting to photograph or mention, it's just flannels to remove makeup! I love to stock up on them as it's good to have a regular rotation of clean flannels to avoid skin dramas. Have you had any little beauty hauls? Tried the Push-Up liner and love/hate it? Thanks for reading, Love from Lucky. 

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