July 29, 2014

Sorry I've been a little quiet lately, life seems to have got the better of me and I've had literally no time to blog. There's been some team changes and movements at work, I'm still adjusting to the new living situations at my new house, slimming has been hard and I'm getting over the difficult stages and life is just, life. 

I'm going to rectify this over the coming week and let you all know how I'm coming along with the slimming and now my new gym routine which I will be adding in from early August. If there's anything you'd love to see or hear about please leave a comment below. There will be some lifestyle posts coming soon about a few little days out we've been having and also my July favourites!
For now I'm going to leave you with some images from the weekend that me and ash had fun creating. We were burning some old documents and junk as you do and I had my camera with me. I took a few photo's and noticed the lens speed adjusted to the flames and created these 'spark' photo's. We played around with a few things and this is what we managed to create. Hope you enjoy!

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