September 26, 2014

(Warning - This post is FULL of pictures! Enjoy!)
Now lately I've been OBSESSED with watching Mikhila at missbudgetbeauty and Diary of a spendaholic (Mikhila's Spendaholic channel) and her beauty box suggestions. Beauty boxes are something new to myself (I know what they are, I haven't been living in a cupboard all my life) but I've never really purchased them myself. My first beauty box was the Latest In Beauty Glamour Beauty Edit some time last year I believe or maybe even the year before that. I was stunned by the quality and volume of products you receive for such an amazingly cheap price and was a convert, until I forgot about the concept and just shopped for my products and didn't really care to try too many new things out.

Beauty boxes are a really good little item to buy. You generally pay between £10-£20 depending on the one you want to purchase and then you receive a box of goodies worth more than the value you've paid and you get to try new items out, all without stepping outside of your house and having to research them first so you don't suffer from buyers remorse. With this box's value being worth £83.47 which also includes a 12 month subscription to Glamour online, you can't really go wrong. Handy huh?

Anyways I'm going off on a tangent. So watching Mikhila who is currently one of my favourite vloggers to watch, she was reviewing her purchase of the Glamour Beauty Power List Box and the contents just, was slightly unbelievable. There were so many goodies I've been wanting to try for a long time but unless you can get your hands on some samples which with a lot of products you can't, it's a large amount of money to spend on a product just to 'test' out and see if you'd like to repurchase. That's where the boxes really do come in handy. Without further delay, here is what you can get for just £15.99 which includes P+P in this version of the Latest In Beauty Glamour Box and you can purchase here. Without further a-do ... let's get into the contents. 

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot cloth cleanser - 30ml
I've really wanted to try this cult classic product for a long time and although it may not be the most expensive cleanser you can buy, It's quite a steep amount for something that may not live up to the hype. It claims to remove dirt and make-up to leave skin feeling clean and conditioned. It is a firm favourite for most beauty bloggers and beauty editors because it works on all types of skin and for all ages. This generous sample also comes with a cleansing cloth to remove the product which is an added bonus as well as the sample being the size it is and a little guide telling you the best way to use the product and a little history behind it. 

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer - 30ml
I've heard a lot on various blogs about Laura Mercier foundations and primers but myself, I'm not really a primer kinda gal so it seemed again like a steep price to purchase something that I may not like or even really get a use out of. The 30ml again is a very generous sample size, it's more like a deluxe sample really I'd say and is basically just a mini version of the full sized product which is 50ml. The full sized product actually retails for around £23.00 so this product alone pretty much pays for the price of the box. This is a cream gel like primer that claims to keep your make-up in place all day and picture perfect. I'm excited to give this product a go and will report back if it's worth a little look at.

Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde Mascara - Full size
This is not me mis-spelling second, that's really how it is spelt but what else do you expect from the french brand (they're french yes?) Anyways! This product claims to give 360 volume and is a clump free formula and brush. The brush is a really interesting one, it's huge. I've needed a new mascara for a while but I'm always a little let down by the ones I seem to choose so it's nice that the choice has been made for me and I'm a little excited to see if this can change my mind and maybe be a holy grail? I hope so. 

Eyeko Mascara Off Eye Makeup Remover Wipes - 10 wipes
I'm not a fan too much now a days of make-up wipes, I've visited the Emma Hardie cleansing balm side and I like it. But yes, I only really use wipes when I'm either staying at my mums, camping or feeling really lazy. The make-up pads are actually coated with Olive Oil to help slip your mascara off which I think is a really interesting little twist and I'll give these a bash to see if they can maybe change my mind. The only thing with the cleansing balm removal is that you get panda eyes ... maybe they will get rid of the mascara and maybe the panda eyes in turn? We shall see. 

Phillip Kingsley Daily Damage Defence Conditioning Spray - 60ml
In the last Glamour box I purchased, there was a small version of the Phillip Kingsley dry shampoo and I didn't think too much of it if I'm honest. I was starting to get a little opinion of it and my mum had grabbed and used it on her long hair, it was pretty much gone on the 2nd use. But this was in the box this time round and I'm not one to judge a brand just from one product. This is a leave in protective conditioner that claims to defend against heat damage, styling and breakage. Now being a bottle blonde, all of the above things are the devil and I try to avoid them like the plague if I can. Sometimes, it's not able to be done so this is where this product may come in handy. It's also a dual use product that you can put into wet hair and use as a de tangling spray, oooh. 

Nude Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick - Shade 710 Sultry Sand
When watching Mikhila, the shade she got in this lipstick was gorgeousness which was Coffee Craze which was a minky brown shade, wow. I was really hoping I would get the same shade but I actually got shade 710 which is a very very light nude colour. I'm sure it would go down a storm with some of you ladies but due to me being very pale, I'm not sure if I can make this work. I will give this a go though. Just to describe it's a very light 'your lips' shade but it's just a little, bland and not quite pinky or coraly or peachy or anything really. I will however try this and see how if this can work for me. The smell of the lipsticks though is just not describable, it's vanilla and shea smelling, very nice and fresh and creamy. I'll shh now. 

James Read Sleep Mask Tan - 25ml
Now this is the one product I will not use. I am not a tan fan and will probably pass this along to a friend who will maybe be able to give me a little review, we shall see. I will report back if it's worth mentioning from her point of view but this is not for me. 

And that's everything! Everything except the face tan mask in this box was perfect and I think for the price, you get so much and everything's larger than sample size but not too big so great for travel and a perfect size for trying out products. As above, if you want to get this (they do sell out quite quickly but I believe this is still available) you can click here and you can even view the products before you buy although you would have by the time you have read this post. They do these every 6-12 months I believe so keep an eye out if this is no longer available as they will be again soon and will be a whole brand new box of goodies. Thanks for reading!

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  1. I have the mascara and lipstick too and I love them both, the lipstick is such a beautiful autumnal colour!
    I hope you like them :)

    Alice x