October 06, 2014

I love the colder weather months when everything is autumn themed, including clothes and make-up. I'm usually quite a minimal make-up wearer but during Autumn I like to 'frost' my look up a little and tone it all down to more neutrals and grey hues. I also like fresh looking, simple skin and I really like to play with the fashion side instead. I thought I'd give you a little insight into how I'm going to be wearing my make-up during the colder months. I'm also looking to do a few 'fashion inspired' posts over the next few days to see you into the colder weather so keep an eye out for that. 

Just a pre warning - I've tried to take a few 'during' shots for you and some of them, I do look a little silly but its all in the name of blog writing for you guys, enjoy. 

Before - No make-up (gasp!)
After - (tadaaa!)

For my base I applied a thin layer of the Hocus Focus primer from Soap and Glory which is a slightly shimmery base for your skin that I find helps to keep make-up put just a little longer and helps to blur out imperfections a little like Porefessional. I then applied some of the Rimmel Match Perfection foundation in the shade Ivory 100 with a Real Techniques Buffing Brush. I love this foundation as it gives such a glowy finish to the skin and gives you an 'airbrushed' look whilst giving you a natural look and letting some imperfections and freckles show through which I love as it's not too cakey looking. 

Just to cover up a few problem areas, I used the Estee Lauder Disappearing Concealer which I've put to the back of my collection lately so thought I'd show it some love. It's a lovely concealer but it's a little thick for everyday wear, I've been trying to avoid heavy foundations so this really comes in handy when wearing a sheer coverage foundation to still help cover imperfections. A quick dab over some of the Nude Magique BB Powder which is a new purchase that I'm still getting to grips with. So far, so good and then a quick swipe of the Frat Boy blush by The Balm which I am adoring at the moment. For more simple looks like this, I like to leave the bronzer out of the equation and with this blusher, it doesn't feel like anything is missing as it gives that perfect pop of colour to the face just to liven things up a little.

 For the eyes, I used two shades from the Naked 2 Palette. I swiped a thin coat of the shade Verve which is a shimmery pale grey shade over my lid and then in the outer corners, added a little definition with the shade Pistol which I would say was just a few shades darker than Verve and these two together are the perfect autumn combo. I then coated my lashes with Soap and Glory's Thick and Fast mascara and added a little Colour Elixir in the shade 600 to my lips just to give me that 'My lips but better' colour and just to finish off the look. 

And that's the finished look! I hope you enjoyed this little post and keep an eye out for more Autumn themed posts such as a Fashion one, Home Decor and even a Vamped up Autumn Make-up look.

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  1. This is a beautiful look, so natural and gorgeous! I've just purchased the BB Powder too - so far I'm really liking it, but I'm not sure how great it'll be when my skin gets drier as it gets colder. We'll have to see!
    Francine from The Graduate Goddess xx

    1. I love a natural look - although I really want to step out the box a little. I guess Autumn is the season to do it so might buy some berry lipsticks eep. I love the BB powder so I hope it isn't drying during the cold weather.

      Chloe xx

  2. Some lovely products used. The real technique brushes are lovely. Just followed your blog x
    Emma | Cookies&Cream Blog

    1. Thankyou :) I love the RT brushes, far too many but need the rest to finalise the collection hah.

      Thanks for the follow - love your blog. xx