October 22, 2014

 Me and my boyfriend love to treat ourselves to dining out now and again and have some firm favourites. One of them has to be the classic GBK (Gourmet Burger Kitchen) If you love yummy burgers, thick shakes and good vibes this is the place to be. There are your classic burgers like 'cheese' which is a simple  6oz Burger with a choice of cheddars and served with house Mayo, relish and salad. Or you have your more unique style burgers like my boyfriends favourite 'The Taxidriver' which consists of a  6oz beef burger with american cheese, onion rings, Cajun relish, smoked Chilli mayonnaise, dill pickles, salad and is all wrapped up in a brioche bun which my partner says 'really has everything'.

You can choose from a range of sides no matter what your tastes ranging from 'skins on' double cooked thick fries, skinny fries, onion rings and GBK 'slaws. My favourite part of eating here are the shakes which are to die for. I always go for 'chocolate' which is your usual chocolate shake made with real dairy ice cream and is adorned with little choclate chips. There are many flavours to choose from like the classic Strawberry/ Banana shake or you could go for some a little more adventurous like Peanut Butter or even Lime.

The only gripe some people may have with GBK is that once seated, you have to go to the till  to order and pay like the Nandos system which I personally have no problem with. GBK is one of the many restaurants I frequently love to return to and feel welcome at as a 'fussy eater' as the burgers are completely customisable (I have no salad and no sauces, plain Jane) and cater to non beef eaters, non meat eaters and those diners who like to have some a little more unique. They also offer a more pocket friendly lunch menu offering 4oz burgers with a small side, this can be upgraded to a 6oz for an extra £1.50 and they also offer a 'specials' menu where they showcase newer burgers from the menu for you to try.

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