October 25, 2014

When it's raining outside and the air is cold, I don't particuallry like waking up and putting on a full face of makeup. For one, it makes my skin feel congested if I'm wearing too much make-up when the weather's horrid and for a second, it just takes too long. I like to reach for an easy make-up with minimal products that will make me look fresh and awake and ready to face the day. And I think i've managed to do just that with this simple five product make-up look which if you're not too fussy, will probably only take about 5 minutes too. 
Product 1 | Rimmel Match Perfection foundation in Ivory 100 | £6.99
This is my go to foundation at the moment for multiple reasons. It evens out my skin tone, I love the colour match for a drug store foundation and it just gives you that fresh faced glow but with no highlight or shimmer to be found in the formula. Did I also mention it only costs £6.99 and I've heard on the grapevine it's a dupe for Nars Sheer Glow (which is my next foundation to try so I will post a review of the two together)

Product 2 | Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer in 1 Light | £3.99
This is another go to product that I constantly find myself repurchasing and choosing over other concealers. This concealer provides coverage to the maximum without being heavy or cakey and you can see many other  bloggers think the same. This is a coveted product that you will simply love if you have not already tried it. 

Product 3 | L'oreal Paris Magique BB Powder in Light | £6.99
I'm usually a huge fan of the One heck of a Blot powder by Soap and Glory but a few weeks ago I picked this up on a 3 for 2 offer and have to say, it's amazing. It only comes in two shades which is a slight let down but this is where being pale comes in handy as the light version is perfect for me. It provides a little mattifying powder and sets the foundation for around 6-8 hours so you may need to touch up during the day but I find I don't really mind too much as it looks amazing when freshly applied and gives perfect coverage. #

Product 4 | Frat Boy blush by The Balm | £14.50
This product is well used by the blogging community and now I can really see why. I'm so happy I purchased this little baby as it's now my favourite blusher over my usual Mac blush. It just provides such a healthy look to your face without being too overpowering and gives a sheer wash of colour to your cheeks. This product is easily build able and you wouldn't want to use too heavy a hand unless that's the look you're going for. I also love that when I use this blush, I never have to use bronzer and I'm not really sure why as it isn't a bronze colour but my face just looks finished with this. 

Product 5 | Thick and Fast Flash Extensions mascara by Soap and Glory | £10.50
I originally went shopping to pick up the Super Volume Superjet Black version of this mascara but fancied something a little different as I didn't realise it actually comes in 3 versions. It's quite a nice mascara but I think next time I will stick the original as this one is a little too 'wet' for me and easily smudges. It also after a few hours can give you a little bit of a panda eye so you may need to check that out. I personally would say go for the original formula but it's been nice to try this out and I will continue to use to see if once the formula has dried out a little gets any better. 

And that's my five product face. What five products would you use to complete a full face? Have you tried any of the above products? Let me know in the comments below. 

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  1. I love the L'Oreal powder too - I haven't heard much about it in the blogosphere, but on good skin days I can wear just that on its own over my nose and chin. This is such a simple and flawless look, thanks for sharing :)
    Francine from The Graduate Goddess xx