October 09, 2014

  My hair is a little bit of a strange, grown out mess now. I usually love my short back and longer side do' but lately it's been a bit lack lustre. I've loving the blunt style bobs that are going around lately (Essiebutton I'm looking at you girl) and I've been inspired to do it and chop off me long sides, eeek. 

I've been looking for some inspiration and up popped Jessica Stroup (AKA Silver from 90210) and back in the day, I used to watch it now and again whilst channel hoping and admire her hair. It's gorgeous and so when she popped up on google, I knew she was the picture I needed to take. SO, this Monday I'm going to my trusty hairdresser and she's going to give me the chop. It's not as much as a chop as others, my hair is pretty short already but I love my longer sides as it makes me feel like I have longer hair but without the maintenance. My hair really is in dire need of at least a trim and well, it's only hair it'll grow if it doesn't suit me. It sounds odd to say but I want to even my hair out a little? I've had this style for a while now and usually I just chuck on a box dye to change the colour and I'm happy but I'm really enjoying being a blonde so want to play with the length. And plius, any of you fellow blondes know that your hair just dies as soon as it's any shade of blonde so these ends need to come off!

Look out for a post Tuesday to see how it all goes (fingers crossed!)

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  1. I would love to be brave enough to rock some of these looks, but my long hair is like my safety blanket, I can't imagine not having it. Plus my hair is super curly, I'm worried that anything less than shoulder length would give me that Baby-from-Dirty-Dancing look
    Francine from The Graduate Goddess xx