October 10, 2014

It's that wonderful time of the month again that all us Beauty Box subscribers love. You hear the knocking on the door so you race downstairs to be greeted by that wonderful box of goodies. Everytime I get a Birchbox (okay it's only my 2nd Birchbox, but I mean beauty boxes in general ..) my heart flutters a little and it feels like Christmas all over again as you have no idea what will be there when you open up. 

Birchbox offer a 'refer a friend' scheme and a loyalty points scheme and for every 100 points earned, will work out at £10 to spend in their e-store on full sized versions of the products or anything you fancy. 
You can join Birchbox via this link which once you have joined, your account will be topped up with 50 birchbox points worth £5.00 and this can be spent in the birchbox e-shop and for every friend you refer, you'll also get 50 points credited to your account too!

This month, Birchbox have teamed up with Coppafeel! who are a small charity that encourage women and men to regularly check themselves and become familiar with your breasts. 1 in 8 women/ men will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime so it's important that we all check as spotting this early, can really save your life. If you want to find out more about this, visit the site http://coppafeel.org/ and you can find out more about the charity and more importantly, how to check yourselves. 
With this teaming up, the box is all pink themed to support Breast Cancer Awareness month. I have to say, I love the theme and also the fact that all your samples comes in this adorable pastel pink make-up bag, score. The box itself is adorned with little printed pink triangles to match the theme and then the outside is the usual birchbox packaging. BUT enough about the packaging, let's get into the goodies. 

This month I got 5 beauty samples (2 full sized!) and 1 lifestyle extra which is a gorgeous little lipstick style pen in pastel pink which goes perfectly along with the boxes theme. There's a mixture of really affordable products this month and then slightly higher priced products but I would say they're all within range of most people's price brackets. Which is actually quite nice as if you begin to love a product once you've sampled it, you can easily repurchase which is the whole point of these boxes right?

Pixi by Petra | Shea Butter Lip Balm in the shade 'Honey Nectar' £8 (full sized)
I have to say i've never tried Pixi products but I'm really excited to give this one a go. It smells amazing and feels super softening on the lips. The shade seems a little iffy once put on but I'm sure with the right look, it will be a gorgeous shade to work with. Think autumn 'my lips but better' and I think you're on to a winner with this product. 

KMS California Tame Frizz Creme | £15 full sized - sample provided 50ml
Again, I've personally never given KMS products a go before but I'm willing to give this a try. I'm usually quite picky with my hair products and once i've found something that works, I stick with that one. My hair lately has seemed a little frizzy unless it's freshly washed which is sometimes not realistic everyday to do. I will give this a try and see if it manages to tame any 'bleach damage' on the ends of my hair. 

Cattier Pink Clay Face Mask for sensitive skin | £4.25 100ml. 
Now I know some people may be disappointed with this product as the value of the two sachets is only around £1.00 but I'm actually really pleased they've put something a little more affordable in the box this month. I'm in need of a new face mask and if this one works as it says it does and provides me with 'illuminated complexion and soothed skin' then I'm happy to repurchase at such an affordable price. Also happy it came in the sensitive skin version but it is also available in 3 other skin types including one suitable for all skin types. If this is any good I will be posting a review on this to let you all know. 

 Lollipops Nail Lacquer | Red £7.00
This is a brand that I've never actually heard of but according to Birchbox, have only branched into beauty products since 2010. This shade has no particular name, it's just a classic 'red' shade that I think is very universal. I unfortunately have no nails due to being a nail bitter (I know, gross but I've done it for years and it's hard to click out of) but I will give this a go on my tootsy nails and report back. 

Shaveworks - 'The Cool Fix' | £11 full size
Now I do have sensitive skin but I've never reached for a product like this that would help to soothe razor itch and the such. It's also a very strange sample size at 29ml / 1oz so I don't think this is a predominately UK marketed product.  None the less, I shall pass this onto my boyfriend and see what he thinks of it. 

Join birchbox today here and gain 50 birchbox points worth £5.00 to spend in the e-store for every friend you refer, you'll also get 50 points credited to your account too!

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