November 17, 2014

It's really funny to see that a lot of woman struggle to buy for men. I LOVE buying for my boyfriend and the male members of my family, I oddly sometimes find them a little easier to purchase for than female family members, odd right?!

 I think sometimes it's just listening to things he's interested in and participating in activities he likes to get more ideas. For example, my boyfriend loves Game Of Thrones, Minecraft, Assassins Creed, any silly little toys and gadgets you could throw at him and things for his car. He also loves to travel around the UK with me, visit new places, eat at new places .. the list is endless. Thankful I've actually almost finished shopping for him but I know a few of you are really struggling for your other halves or father's. On Google alone, you ladies and gents have done over 90,000 searches of 'Gifts for Men' and 'Gifts for Him'. Well never fear, I'm here to help like a little Christmas elf. Just call me Lady Christmas.

Pop! Vinyl Characters - Batman Arkham Asylum Version - £8.99 at Forbidden Planet
Men are big children really, we all know that. I love the POP! Vinyl range as they have so many characters available to buy that there has to be one that your other half or father would love. They range from film characters, to popular TV show characters, Disney, Comic book characters, to historic figures. The list really is endless with these little gift's that you'll be sure to find something and they're such a great price and a collectable item too for that slightly nerdier family member and that's why they've made my list. You can check out the extensive range at most shops but Forbidden Planet have one of the largest collections I've seen - Check it out here and make his Christmas a nerdier one for the better.

Monopoly Board Game Limited Edition Versions - Walking Dead Edition £28.33 from Amazon
Christmas is that one time of year where we all like to crack out the board game and have some good old family competition and sometimes you have to keep their attention and what better way than an edition of Monopoly they would love. This one here is a Walking Dead edition which I think would be fab for any Zombie loving/ Walking Dead fanatic but you can also get Marvel, Star Wars, 007 James Bond, Family Guy and even London and Bristol editions.

Humours Tshirts - Funny Christmas is Coming Tshirt - £7.99 at
What man could not do with more t-shirts? I know when my boyfriend loves a t-shirt he wears it do death and they then start to get holes! I think this year he may need a few new ones .. just to save me stitching them back to life. This one is a clever pun from Game of Thrones but there are so many t-shirt options over at and also just generally everywhere! Keep an eye out and remember what he likes.

Humours Mugs - I'm with Stupid Mug - £6.40 at Debenhams
Men love Humour, let's just admit that now and have done with it. There are so many humours mugs out there on the market but something simple like this will have them giggle for days. Humours mugs aren't just for Christmas - they're for life.

And there's so many more things you can get for him. What man doesn't need more toiletries? Some of his favourite sweets in his stocking? I really hope this may have helped a little if not then the list really is endless you just have remember little things ladies.

Has any of these selections sparked your imagination? Or are you a lady who hasn't searched and knows exactly what to get? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. This is great! I used to find it really tough to buy for boyfriends, but my current one's a dream - he has loads of interests and doesn't really buy himself much, so I actually really enjoy finding him the perfect present. My dad, however, is an entirely different story - he usually ends up with a bottle of whisky, that I then end up drinking a fair bit of...whoops!

    Milly // Mini Adventures

    1. My boyfriend is honestly the same - pretty much down for anything! I love shopping for him more than me and he's always telling me off for buying him things I see whilst out and about.