November 20, 2014

I decided after the last post from my perspective, although the boyfriend agreed there were some actually cool gifts, we thought it'd be a fun idea to use the man power I have from my relationship and rope him in. How kind, so here I hand you over to Ashley, my monkey man (nawwwwh!)

Now, it's all well and good you ladies thinking you know what we want, and in all honesty you probably do as we don't really care. Like really really don't care. However, if you want to get your man something he may actually enjoy or something he will actually use this Christmas then here are a few helpful tips broken down in to categories.

For the handyman in your life, duct tape and WD40. A simple rule of engineering that should be applied to everything is that if it moves, and it shouldn't then use duct tape. If it doesn't move and it should, use WD40. Everyman knows this but more than likely will not have the supplies he needs for the job. If it's not festive enough for you then wrap it up in some pretty paper and slap a ribbon on it. We love that (not really) and take note that these two items will beat a pair of socks in a stocking hands down.
For the nerd -  now some may think 'who are you to speak about nerdy things'. I will have you know I've spent an undesirable amount of money on comic's (who am I kidding, it was worth every penny or so I tell her that shh!) The 'nerds' are quite easy to buy for. Basically decide what they like I.E Game of Thrones, Lord of The Rings, Doctor Who, ECT and add to their collection of things that they all ready have. A fine example for my girlfriend would be anything related to Game of Thrones that can be counted as an ornament (head's up Lucky) and things he'd only wear around the house like themed pyjama's (I have a chewbacca dressing gown .. just saying)

For the metrosexual man- Now whilst I don't particularly identify as a clean person or as a person who washes everyday, I do realise that occasionally you may need to shave and take care of yourself. If your man is indeed one of these men, he may be using a stupidly expensive five bladed razor like something from Gillette or similar. I would highly advise that if this is the case, you buy him a single blade safety razor. My favourite being the imitation ivory from Edwin Jagger. It is a widely known fact that single blade razors cause less irritation and will there for keep your man happy. 

And if these don't take your fancy, there is always that has awesome bits and bobs you can ply your man. Sadly it is american so if this isn't good for you there is also

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  1. What an awesome idea for a post! I wonder if mine will fancy doing a similar'd give me a helping hand picking HIS present at least, haha!

    Milly // Mini Adventures