November 15, 2014

That dreaded time is on its way once again when you get roped into the Secret Santa either through work or family/ friends. You have NO idea what to get for such a small budget as most Secret Santa's range from £5-£10 and if you're budget is bigger than that, you've got a pretty good bunch of people to do SS with! I myself this year have had to work to a budget instead of being free reign due to financial situations.
So here are my round up of the top five gifts you can get Him or Her (and two unisex options) for under £5.00 - challenge accepted. Please note - I've listed P&P and some choices may be over the £5.00 option but if you have multiple gifts to get, the P&P works out really good and most sites over free postage when you spend £10 or over.

Gifts for Mum/ Her for under £5.00

Alphabet letter plant pot - £4.95 from Notonthehighstreet (£2.75 P&P)
Not just for planting pots, us ladies will find any use for a decorative item such as these gorgeous pots. You could just get the one initial if sticking to a low budget like 'C' if her name is Chloe for example or go a little further and spell out a cute word, nawwwh. 

Paisley Sticky note memo pad set £4.95 from Dotcomgiftshop (£2.95 P&P)
Woman love to be organised whether it's for who they're meeting and what they're doing that week, diets, family time, you name it. What nicer way to feed their habit than a cute little matching memo set she will be sure to love. We're a sucker for pretty useful things ... just saying.  

Petite and Simple gift set - £5.00 from Boots (Pick up instore to avoid P&P)
We love to try out multiple skincare products before picking 'the holy grail' items and something as 'simple' as this (pardon the pun!) will give her a few products to test out and she will think you're rather thoughtful for getting her something useful that isn't just for the house. (We do hate that by the way ... not all the time but you get the point.)

Sparkly bling boot stickers - £4.99 from IWOOT (Free P&P if £10 spent)
Now since living in the countryside, I had to invest in some wellies and by god some of them are awful and plain. I managed to get myself some gorgeous floral Joules ones but for the price of £35.00 not all woman will want to spend that on something that you're basically walking in dirt with. These little stickers are adorable and for just £4.99 will dress up a dingy old pair of wellies any day. 

Baylis and Harding giftset with fluffy socks - £5.00 from Boots (Pick up in store to avoid P&P)
Again with the multiple products thing but with the added bonus of some cosy winter socks to wear on those cold nights. Practical and cute - score. 

Gifts for Dad/ Him for under £5.00

'Hair of the dog' Mini hip flask - £4.99 from Gadget Inspector (Free P&P)
Novelty items are a must to get a giggle out of them this Christmas and I think this little hip flask is just that. Not really that practical as I imagine it probably wouldn't fit much in but aye, that's the way the cookie crumbles. Even if it's just a keyring they'll enjoy .. they will enjoy. 

Crispy critters Salt & Vinegar crickets - £3.95 from Prezzy Box (£3.95 P&P)
It's that time of year again when quite a few of us are glued to the TV watching Celebrities eat Jungle nasties and have to giggle but heave at the same time. Give them a taste of that medicine with these novelty crisps ... eeewwwwww. 
Fan-tasche-tic Moustache mug - £3.95 from Dotcomgiftshop (£2.95 P&P)
Support the Mo this year and although it'll be a tad late - this mug is awesome. Manliness in a mug. and the site sells awesome gifts so that postage price isn't even that bad! Kill two birds with one stone and get a few more bits. 
Toxic toilet roll - £2.95 from Dotcomgiftshop (£2.95 P&P)
No words needed. 

Darth Vader sandwich tin - £4.99 from Gadget Inspector (Free P&P)
Who likes squashed sandwiches? And who likes the tacky see through tuppa ware? Not me. This is a nerdy spin on a sandwich tin (poet and I didn't even know it) and he will probably actually use it!

Unisex gifts for under £5.00

Festive Mulled Wine (in a matchbox) - £4.99 from Notonthehighstreet (£1.75 P&P)
Festive little gifts now and Christmas time is for Mulled Wine, right? I personally hate the stuff but this is adorable and I'm sure 9/10 people will love it. The person like me will just think it looks cute but never use it and probably pass it on to a family member but it will get used!
Grow your own sprouts set - £4.95 from Prezzy Box (£3.95 P&P)
Again, no words really needed. 

And that's a little round up of some festive bargains you can purchase your Secret Santa this year! Are you taking part in a Secret Santa this year? Have you got the upper hand and know who you're buying for or have you got a free-fall where you need to buy for both sexes?!

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  1. Great post!! Definitely heading to buy the sarnie tin for hubby!

  2. I'd be pretty happy if someone got me the Star Wars tin! Love this post idea- your blog is awesome xx