November 13, 2014

Let's admit it. One of the main things we all love about Christmas is dressing up all fancy and nice but you always get that one family member wearing THE tackiest Christmas jumper you have ever seen. Well maybe this year it's your turn! (be warned, these may hurt your eyes ...)

Ladies, throw that sparkly dress or sequinned top to one side! Suit yourself up with some skinny jeans and Chelsea boots and throw on one of these bad boy's. And now Gents - let's be honest that you feel a little like a Penguin when you have to get all fancy in your shirts right? Ditch those shirts and wow the family in one of these tacky numbers.

This classic Red design jumper is the perfect Christmas jumper design and is a step before 'Tacky'. This is also a longer length jumper that sits just on your bottom so you could even team this with some leggings if you want something a little more spacious for that Christmas dinner you're about to feast on. Available in sizes 12/14 - 20/22 it's perfect for every shape and size and even if you were around an 8-10 you can wear this beauty oversized and it's perfect to hide that Christmas belly. Enjoy!

Now this Christmas jumper is genius! It's the perfect level of tacky, adorns a Cat cartoon for all those cat lover and even internet meme lovers (grumpy cat) and yet has a fashionable twist with a cut out shoulder design - PURRRFECT. It's also a gorgeous grey colour so would be great paired with even some festive red jeans/leggings and is available in sizes XS-XXL. Click the link above to view the size chart and purchase this gorgeous jumper and if cats aren't your kind of bag, they even have a Christmas dinosaur design, enough said. 
Another cheeky little twist on the classic Christmas jumper - this slightly more 'figure hugging' style would look perfect with some heels and skinny jeans and is more of a subtle 'tacky' choice. The design features an elf body where you are the elf and has gorgeous 3/4 sleeves so you won't get some overheated on the day. This is also a steal at only £10! Be quick before this sales out - I can tell it will. 

Another Matalan goody -  This one is a classic twist on the fluffy jumpers that are all over the blogesphere. The cute reindeer design stitched in sequins really sets this jumper off and the basic colour scheme allows you to pair this with just about anything really!

I think Matalan this year have really outdone themselves on their Christmas jumper selection. Another one that does not disappoint is this light up special for the gents - yes you heard me right, this baby lights up. I had to witness this myself in the store but it made me and my boyfriend giggle quite a bit. Even without the light feature this jumper is a great option for the gents in the classic red colour and adorning a very festive feel. These are selling fast so if you think this is the one - go go go! They also have another light up option which will again be perfect but is in a blue colour instead of the red. 

Who doesn't love a little bit of Christmas humour and with this jumper, you will be the giggle of the party. Green is probably one of the tackiest Christmas jumper colours and this jumper is just that. Did I mention too that it comes in a Women's style so for that extra 'tacky' level you can match with a partner/ friend or family member! Happy Birthday Jesus. 
I was shopping in M&S the other day with my boyfriend and we walked past the Christmas jumper selection and this caught both of our eyes. It really is gorgeous even if a bit a tacky. It felt amazing so would be super dooper comfy and I think it's even a suitable Unisex option so ladies, steal it from that man in your life! I think for M&S quality this is a steal at only £25.00 and this will probably be another sellout.

Those are my top picks from the Christmas jumper selection i've seen out and about but it doesn't stop there! I think the shops have realised this year how much us Brits (and everywhere else!) love a good Crimbo Jumper that you can literally pick them up anywhere! Me and my boyfriend decided to go a little more subtle but matching this year and picked up two jumpers from Home Bargains for just £19.98 - what a steal seriously. Keep your eyes on the look out! 

Have you already purchased your Christmas jumper or are you giving it a miss this year? Let me know in the comments below!

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