December 17, 2014

17th DECEMBER 2014
I personally LOVE myself a bit of Instagram, it's a wonderful way to see small parts of peoples blogs but on a more personal level (that might not really make much sense but that's how I see it) I think most bloggers seem to have smaller crowds on Instagram and if you aren't following the high profile bloggers - you do miss out on a few little gems.Now the blogging world is manic and there are so many of us out there that we all have our favourites that others may not know about. I follow most of the higher profile beauty bloggers because well - who doesn't, but here are 5 accounts you may not be following that I really think you guys should. I am constantly checking back on these beauties accounts to see what they've been up to, if there are any new blog posts I really need to check out and just generally love to have a little nose into their lifes! If you aren't following me on Instagram just click the link on my sidebar and you can find all these lovely ladies under people I'm following! Enjoy!

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  1. You're such a doll! Absolutely honored to be on this list, especially next to these girls! xxx