January 07, 2015

Trying to buy hair extensions when your hair is more of a 'unique' colour can really be HARD. 9/10 you will have to get a light colour, generally a 'lightest blonde' or 'bleach blonde' and tone them to your preference. Now most wouldn't say I have a 'unique' colour but the problem I have is the ends that have been lightest the longest love to soak up any toning shampoos so I have extremely light (sometimes white toned, sometimes lilac and sometimes just odd) ends and slightly warmer roots from touch up's. 

Hairtrade kindly sent me over some hair extensions* to try out in 'lightest blonde' which I knew when I opened the package they were the correct lightness but would need to be toned. They actually sent me over the 'Quick Fit' version which I have never heard of and in the past I was quite an avid wearer of hair extensions. It's a handy new way of wearing hair extensions to blend them in easier. Note, it's not perfect for us short haired ladies (my hair was longer when I agreed for Hairtrade to send over the hair extensions so this would've been okay back then .. opps for hair cuts!) as my shortest layer only just went over the top of the wire. If you're not familiar with the Quick Fit system check it out on the site here From £69.99. The extensions did lack instructions but if you check out the site there are instructions on there or you can google 'Halo Extensions' and you'll find easy tips on how to fit them.

I toned the extensions* with my usual shampoo but sadly the extensions sucked up the shampoo within seconds and actually stained some of the hair. Some was a gorgeous toned blonde which almost perfectly matched my hair whilst the rest seemed to go a bland silver shade and lacked the teeniest bit of warmth. But that's not Hairtrades fault and I have very awkward coloured hair due to hair multiple hightlight sessions at the hairdressers. So if you are planning on toning your extensions, be cautious and just to say the hair is 100% human hair and is surprisingly thick considering it's just one weft of hair. 

Overall I was a little gutted that I had a few problems as these are genuinely gorgeous quality hair extensions and I think the Quick Fit aspect is genius for any of you long bob's and longer haired ladies. Head over to the website to check out their colour range and grab yourself a bargain.

*The wire on my extensions sadly did break after wearing them for these photo's so I will have to purchase some clips to attach as the hair is gorgeous quality and should not go to waste. 

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  1. I have no idea about how to even use hair extensions, but it's a shame you had such a problem with them!


  2. I'm getting sent some of these as well! It's a shame you had such problems but the colour matches well on you! They look great - you can purchase clips for super cheap on ebay :) xxx