January 10, 2015

*Don't you just love the background?! I always have to have something a little funny and generally of me and my partner just to perk me up.

We're all nosey buggers around here let's be honest, I love nothing more than watching 'what's in my handbag' videos and lately 'what's on my phone' videos. It's quite fun to see what app's other bloggers are using for things like editing and organisation, and also just seeing what junk they have on their phones! So here's mine ...

Timehop - Pretty straight forward explanation, if this isn't something you've yet to download it's something you should. Think TBT matieral everyday.
My Fitness Pal - I'm a bit of a diet freak. One minute I want to eat healthy and the next I love to indulge in all the foods I know I shouldn't. This is a free application that can help you to keep track of calories without following any ridiculous diets. Also if you enter your weight it gives you an option to select how much weight you're looking to lose in a week (or maintain your weight if that's what you're after) and suggests your calorie intake to meet that goal. It also gives you a summary of the amount of carbohydrates/fat and such over the day once you've completed your food diary.

WW Mobile - I am currently (restarting after the Christmas binge - opps!) following the WW plan and having this application which is included in your monthly fee subscription is super handy. It has a directory of the plans points and also allows you to enter your food intake into the online diary and helps you to keep track of your points for the week.

Snapchat - Who doesn't have Snapchat? I never did and never used to understand when everyone would chat about it. Now I have it, it's just part of daily life.

Life 360 - Now this is an odd application that some people will be like 'You what?!' and are a little freaked out about it. It basically allows you to add family members and friends and tracks your phone showing them where you are. Me and my boyfriend find this really handy when he's late picking me up or late home. Instead of me texting or calling him and him not answering due to driving, I simply click the application and it updates me as to where he is. A bit stalkerish you may say but it benefits our relationship. I think if you trust your partner and there's nothing to hide then there's not quible as to why you both want it right?

myNoise - I love rain noise and sleep amazingly when it's stormy outside. This replicates rain noises and allows you to change the amount of storm noise you have. Pretty straight forward.

Amazon & Boots - Very handy over the Christmas period up to the websites.

Dominos - The Domino's website is one that CONSTANTLY is playing up for me and it always tells me to use the application. It's a pizza lovers dream ... easy pizza.

Games/ Entertainment
Crossy Road - An utterly addictive game that most people I've shown this to refer to as the old game 'froggy'. Once you've played for a certain amount of time, the game rewards you with coins which then unlocks new characters to jump across the road with. The more coins and characters you unlock, the less likely you are to unlock new ones. You'll constantly be trying to beat your high score and won't put it down ... new Flappy Bird perhaps? 

Flappy Bird - You all know the drill. I didn't delete this during the hype so now and again have the privlege of letting this game bug the hell out of me. 

Catbug - If you've yet to watch any 'Bravest Warriors' now is the time to do so! It's a quirky little programme from 'Cartoon Hangover' that you can find over on Youtube (here's a link to Season 1) This game features the adorable Catbug and essentially you fly and collect items. The further you fly, the more points you unlock for collecting more items and unlock new levels and features. Every time I go to visit my young cousins (one of them is only 5) she grabs my phone and has a go even though she doesn't have a clue how to control it. It is a purchase game but I think it was only around £1.49? Have a look on the app store. 

Hay Day - A free very addictive game I had to check out when the gorgeous Essie Button said she was addicted to it. It's pretty much just one of those farm games we all used to play on Facebook and were too cool to admit we played it. At Christmas, it even dresses the characters in little Christmas themed clothing and snows! ... contain your excitement.

Stick Hero - The girls at my old work were going on about this game and I didn't really understand how it worked. I'd also seen Pewdiepie give this a go and it looked like such a simple and easy game. DO NOT BE FOOLED. You will be playing this for HOURS trying to beat your high score. Can you tell I like addictive games yet?

One More Line - I have my boyfriend to thank for this one. It's a game where you are a line and you shoot up the screen to some Daft Punk style music. There's colours everywhere and it's a super fast paced game. The aim of the game is to attach to pivets in the way of you shooting up otherwise you'll crash and have to start again. You need to keep inside the lines otherwise that also restarts the game. Just go have a look .. I'm really no good at describing games. 

Christmas Themed
Elf Yourself - You've got to love Christmas themed things and this is one to feast your eyes on. Select how many elfs you want in your video and choose the most embarrassing photos of yourself and you friends and just watch them dance. We've even got to the point where we tried the cat's faces ...  hilarious. 

PNP 2014 - Now this is on magical application. It was orginally intended for children but I'm a Christmas loving cretin and had to give it a go. My mum suprised me with this before I downloaded it and essentially you put the name of the child (or yourself ..) in the application, choose from some options that are a bit more personal to them like age and photos if you want to and then you let the application do it's magic. You'll then be greeted with a message from Santa personally speaking to you and quoting back all the information you've entered. It was magical for me so I can imagine it would make a childs day (my boyfriend also loved it.)

Photo Editing
Photo editing applications are a little more than just what I find good as we all like different things. These are all the ones I use for my blog and also for my Instagram account so check them out if you're interested in something new. 
Vanillapen | Afterlight | Instasize | ABM A Beautiful Mess | Font Candy | Be Funky

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