December 11, 2016


I'm a bit of a hair dying addict if you didn't already figure that out (anyone who knows me hates me for it!) and I do it so much that hardly anyone notices anymore. Bad right? I love a good box dye like the next girl but I find although they do a good job, they just don't quite add that bright 'alternative' red look to my hair that I'm after (if you go red, go RED) and it definitely dries your hair out. That's where the La Riche Directions hair dyes come in and if you haven't used them before (regardless if you're red or any other colour) you should. 

The dyes come in 34 shades from Poppy Red to Alpine Green and even include a range of toners and pastel shades (although you can mix your own pastel shades but I'll go into that more) They come in a little 88ml pot which you will look at and think it's not enough but on my short hair, I can get almost 3 uses from just one tub (if I really want to saturate my hair, two uses) and you can actually mix the shades together to create your own customer colour. With the screw top lid, they suggest any left over dye lasts between a month or two but I actually had some left over from just over a year ago now and I've used this on my hair now with no problems. 

The dyes are 'Semi Permanent' but what I love about the Directions dyes is that they're conditioning dyes. The directions state to put onto towel dried hair and leave for around 15-30 minutes. If I'm just looking for a refresh and a top up on my already dyed red hair, I go for around 15-20 minutes however if I was using this as my main hair dye, I'd probably go for around 30-40 mins. Due to them being conditioning dyes, you do not have to worry about them drying your hair out and I've actually seen some people leave them over for between 1 hour and overnight. As well as being able to mix the dyes together (I love to mix some Pillarbox Red, Poppy Red and Vermillion Red to get my own bright personalised shade) you can dilute them with conditioner if you're after a less vivid or pastel toned colour. They do come in a range of already made pastel shades but to save you money in the long run, invest in the colour you want and dilute with any white conditioner to get the same result but for less.

My top 5 tips for using these dyes would be:

1. Buy some gloves. They do not come with the dye but due to the price (I get mine for £2.99 from a hairdressing store but they range online from £3.00-£8.00 depending on the shade and popularity but you can get deals on multiple tubs) you don't really mind. I just buy myself a box of non latex gloves for around £2.00 and this will last you then for the next few times you wish to top up your colour or dye your hair.

2. Have a hair dying towel. These dyes stain like CRAZY. That's why they're so good at lasting because they pretty much stain your cuticles. You will struggle to get this out of your hair let alone if you get it all over your bath tub and beautiful white towels. Prepare your environment with some old towels and you won't look like you're starring in a Saw parody. 

3. Wash your hair prior to the dying process. But do not condition until AFTER. If you can use a clarifying shampoo then all the better as you'll start off with a fresh canvas for the dye to evenly take. After dying, do NOT wash your hair but use some conditioner or a mask to put some softness back into your hair. 

4. The lighter the base you start off with, the better colour pay off you will get and more true to the shade you see in the tub you'll get. This time round, I just put it on top of my already dyed red hair but the first time I used the shades, I put them onto a light ginger base and the red was VERY vivid. 

5. Get yourself some 'supplies'. This includes your gloves as Tip 1 advises, a tinting bowl and brush will help the process loads and will make it easy especially if you're mixing shades. I like to use either a tinting bowl or just an old tuppaware box if you can't get a bowl and a tinting brush will help apply to your roots and hairline. Then you can massage the dye into the hair to help spread the dye. These dyes are super easy to work with and the colour pay off is incredible if applied properly. If you use more than one colour (say top layer of hair red and bottom layer black) I would suggest you apply in two seperate processes. Example - Section your hair, apply the red and leave for 15-20 minutes, rinse and dry then apply your black to the bottom section. This will allow more precise application and a better result. 

The shades are actually really long lasting depending on the base you apply the shades too but if you use a colour protective shampoo and conditioner, you will get a longer lasting result. Just a word of warning, I've only used the red dyes and they bleed a LOT. I did use the White toner on my blonde hair and that lasted about 10 washes or so before I started to see yellow again but with that one, I actually had to use the whole tub.

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