March 04, 2015

MONOCHROME FASHION - Primark Scarf/ Park Lane Sandals
Monochrome grid print scarf | Primark £2.00 Purchase similar scarf - Asos in Navy £18.00
Double strap pool slider sandles | 'Park Lane' by Asos £12.00 Purchase here
Retro thin framed sunglasses | Asos on sale £6.00 Purchase here
I've been going mental lately and I mean mental, for buying black and white clothing and accessoires. I'm usually someone who wears a lot of plain colours but for the past few months whilst I was mainly blonde, my wardrobe has just been full of bright colours and patterns. Although this is a huge stepping stone for me, I don't seem to have any basic items to team these patterns with (I'm not really a pattern clashing type) so I thought whilst it had just been pay day and now I am a brunette again, I'd treat myself to a few little things to renew my wardrobe. (Quite a few items are charity shop/ eBay so I do apologise if I can not find them, I will link similar items)


White lace Insert shirt | eBay purchase £4.64
Cut out Leather style boots | eBay purchase £4.70 Similar boots Asos £35.00
Black leather large purse | New Look £9.99 (sold out!) Similar purse River Island/ Asos £12.00


Roll Neck black and white jumper | eBay purchase £7.01 Purchase similar styles at Missguided
Black leather style backpack | Primark (no link! Sorry!) £10.00

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  1. That Primark scarf is amazing for the price! Monochrome is all I've been wearing lately too - it's just so easy :)
    Elise @ Elise Dopson