May 10, 2015

Since going Bleach Blonde years ago for the time since being around 12 and getting some highlights, I've been told you should be using purple shampoos to avoid brassiness and yellow hair. It's odd as when I was younger and used to have highlights, I never knew what purple shampoo was and didn't use it once yet looking back at photos my hair never looked brassy or yellow. It may be just a more 'grown up' thing to do but it seems odd that no one ever knew about it when we were all a little younger, not even my mum. 

However since going blonde last week and being blonde previously, I became a little obsessed with Purple shampoos and I became the girl who always had a silver/lilac tone to my hair as I ALWAYS thought my hair was brassy. Since my recent dye job, I thought my hair was quite heavily warm and brassy but have been told this is just me seeing things - I like to call this the 'blonde glasses'. Most people I talk to who have been blonde have thought at once stage their hair was brassy or not blonde enough and have continued with shampoos or more bleach and then suddenly ended up unintentionally platinum or white. 

So I have built up a small collection of blonde/ silver shampoos so far and no doubt in the future I will end up adding more knowing me. Here is a little run down of my collection and which ones I think are actually worth purchasing.


I bought this one when I was previously blonde and this became a firm favourite. It's a more sheer toned shampoo that lathers up a LOT and can be left on the hair for a few minutes or a little longer if you want more of a toning session. It is definitely more of a 'every few days' shampoo than a toning shampoo however and it can leave hair quite ashy/silverish if overused. If this is what you are after however, then it is perfect for that. It is a very deep blue in colour with a slight purple tone to it, but more on the blue side of the scale. You will get a more silver/ash colour from this shampoo and it will knock out warmth but it's a longer use product - you won't get results over night and it will need to be built up to achieve a toning effect. I would say you hair needs to be quite a high level of blonde to achieve any toning effects from this. Also has matching conditioner which I have not used.

Effectiveness - 7/8 out of 10
Formula colour - Dark blue
Colour payoff - Silver/Ash
Price - £5.00 for 250ml from Boots or Online


This is my newest purchase and I have actually only used this twice but this stuff is AMAZING. I previously read a few reviews but put it aside due to it's slightly higher price point and mainly being an online product. I caved when purchasing my beautyblender on Beautybay as they had an offer which had it reduced from £10.75 to £8.60 and thought what the heck let's give it a go as my recently bleached hair was looking a little warmer than what I was previously used to. My silvery toned hair has come back within one wash and actually leaving it a teeny longer than I should've, have a lovely ashy/lilac hue to my hair but with a tiny few bits of warmth which I think is due to the level of bleaching my hair went through that some are a little darker than others. Your hair needs to be quite blonde to get results from this I would say as although my warmer sections have toned down, there is quite a difference in the hue they have up to the lighter sections. It is a thicker formula than any of the featured shampoos which I like and actually doesn't dry out the hair due to the added conditioning elements. The formula smells amazing too - it's a little sad to condition my hair after as it gets rid of the smell from washing - also this shampoo is VERY purple and has a blue undertone to it. I can imagine that this shampoo would be very easily overused however so you need to be careful with this. I've found lately that if mixed with conditioner to create a toning conditioner, the toning is a lot more subtle but in a good way whilst also achieving a conditioning affect. Due to the dilution with the conditioner, you do not have to worry as much about leaving this product on your hair too long. Also has matching conditioner which I have not used.

Effectiveness - 9-10 out of 10
Formula colour - Dark purple with a slight blue tone
Colour payoff - Silver/ Lilac
Price - Offer price £8.60 for 300ml | Regular price £10.25 from Beautybay or Online


This is one of the cheapest options available and probably the most easiest to purchase/ widely stocked product out of the 4. This is a slightly thicker formula compared to the Lee Stafford and Bleach London but not as thick as the Fudge and does not compare in conditioning at all - if anything this is the most drying of the four. This is quite an old school product and is able to be used by white, silver and grey haired women so you may see this in your grandma's cupboards. This is a new bottle I've had since last being blonde and as you can see I've hardly used any and that's because I would put this last in the ranks of the shampoos I have tested. It does work but it needs to be used more than twice a week to get the effects and the effects don't last as long. However use this too much and you will end up with grey/silver hair. It's a shampoo that's quite easy to overuse as you'll think it's not working and one day it will have worked too much. Your hair needs to be quite light to get any benefits from this - it will not working on warm hair in any way. It's a pretty standard purple shampoo which if you can not afford the others will work but just not as good. Comes as a standard shampoo with matching conditioner and this is classed as a treatment however the shampoo and conditioner are not very good. 

Effectiveness - 4-5 out of 10
Formula colour - Dark Purple with blue tones
Colour payoff - Silver/ Grey
Price - £3.19 for 150ml from Boots/ Superdrug or various Online stores


This one stands out from the others as it's a similar formula to the Bleach London silver shampoo but it has a pink undertone which really changes the payoff in your hair. If you don't have warm but just a small tone of brassiness this is the PERFECT shampoo as in a way it can add a little warmth but in a lilac/pink hue. It's a really lovely colour payoff and when I am a little more blonde, think this will be the top choose as I like the pink tone this gives. It does say not to over use this but you would just get a lilac/pink tinge to your hair if you did which is easily rockable up to the ash/silver colour you can get from the others. It is a slightly thicker formula up to the bleach london and others though in the fact it's a thicker shampoo type and doesn't run as much. It does lather but I find I need to use a little more to get lather from this up to the others. This is my 2nd favourite up to the Fudge violet shampoo.

Effectiveness - 7-8 out of 10
Formula colour - Purple/ Pink thick formula
Colour payoff - Lilac/ Pastel pink
Price - £6.99 for 250ml from Boots or Online

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  1. I have naturally very light blonde hair, but I've been thinking about trying a purple shampoo to try and get a silvery hue - I don't know whether it would work or not because my hair isn't bleached! I am tempted to give the Fudge one a go though!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. I believe it should still work for you just not as strong as bleached hair, maybe try a cleansing shampoo first and then apply the Fudge shampoo. That's how I get the best silvery results :) | Chloe Mary Davis

  2. I have the touch of silver shampoo but after reading this I definitely need to try the Fudge :) Fabulous review, thanks for sharing

    X Emma |

  3. I love the touch of silver shampoo, it's amazing!

  4. Have you tried milk_shake Silver shampoo? People say its the best on the market