May 13, 2015

Who doesn't love beautiful jewellery that has the added benefit of making you more confident?! The lovely Kimizee from Kimzasadny on Etsy sent me over this stunning Titanium Quartz necklace to give a whirl and see if the rainbow rock brought some confidence and enjoyment to my life and oddly since I've worn it - it's done just that and looked killer at the same time might I add. 

Kim is from Canada and runs over on Etsy and sells stunning handmade crystal healing necklaces that are all one of a kind and each have their own little profile of healing benefits they can bring into your life. Each crystal/ rock has a different meaning and my Titanium Quartz in particular is said to be the Activation of the rainbow, body of life humour and relaxation. This gem enhances confidence and enjoyment of life - If you head over to Kimizee's Etsy you can find descriptions of each crystal and their benefits.

The necklaces are beautifully hand made and you can really see the effort and craftsmanship that goes into each one - on one side of my Quartz necklace there is a slightly more ornamental wire wrap that I believe is the main holding mechanism of the crystal but I actually love to wear mine this way. My necklace can actually be worn either way and even though it is bright in colour and is a rainbow crystal, it's totally interchangeable with different outfits and really compliments each outfit individual. 

There is an element of uniqueness to each necklace and you'll know even if someone else buys the same necklace as you, yours will be a one of a kind and unique in it's own way. You can opt for a metal chain to match your wirewrap or a cord necklace, I personally LOVE the metal chain but would love to switch it up for a more relaxed vibe to a cord chain now and again. Kim is a true sales lady and is a girl after my own heart with her beautifully designed business cards and little information leaflet you receive with each order - it's touches like this that make me want to shop more small trade. 

You can purchase these healing crystal necklaces over at Kim's etsy store and if you use the code 'DIRTY10' you can currently save 10% on all purchases. You can also visit Kim's Instagram to see all her latest creations before they're even up for sale over at

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  1. wow it's so beautiful, love jewelry with stones/crystals!

    danielle | avec danielle

    1. Isn't it just! The iridescent is just beautiful.

      Chloe Mary Davis |

  2. Oh wow, what a true beauty! I always love this kind of jewelry! :)


    1. It's divine isn't it <3 | Chloe Mary Davis

  3. Such a pretty necklace!! Haven't heard of these guys before so thanks so much for sharing them and for the cheeky discount code! Wonderful post as always my love xx

    Sophie Elizabeth