June 23, 2015

November was the last time I had the beautiful Birchbox arriving on my doorstep and that was due to the fact I cancelled my subscription with them. Birchbox is a monthly beauty box subscription that arrives right on your doorstep for around £12.95 including P&P. The main reason I cancelled my subscription was due to the fact it just got a little stale but I kind of wished I hung around for the Christmas box but that's over now. I still receive emails from Birchbox with their monthly newsletter and a few little cheeky emails saying if I rejoin they'll give me free postage and offers like that but it wasn't until the other day I pipped up and clicked that 're-subscribe' button. I'd been eyeing up the June box as I'd seen it on a few Instagrams and Birchbox teamed up with Frenchsole this time who are a brand dedicated to making quality ballet flats. Now they are a little more expensive than your average Primark pair but I have heard very good things about them and the quality, I've heard they last a very long time too and they have some gorgeous colours and patterns. There are a few pairs I've been eyeing up and in particular, I love these Black Suede Ballet Pumps which you can purchase here for £180.00

ANYWAYS as I was saying, I had been eyeing up the box a little but talked myself into not buying it just yet and maybe waiting until next month to see if they could wow me just a little more. It was a few days later that I received an email saying if I signed up now, I could pick my own design of 3 French Sole themed boxes and receive a little shoe bag in this matching design as the lifestyle extra. But not only that, they would also send me a Beauty Blender and Solid Cleanser worth £20 for free?! I originally got my first Beauty Blender via Birchbox as a new sign up freebie but when it had seen it's time (Beauty Blenders seem to be a bit hit or miss with regards to longevity and moulding problems) and had to replace mine a few months after, this also got issues so I just binned it and gave up but this was an offer too good to pass up. In reality, even if the box was no good (which they always are quite good) I would only pay £12.95 for the Beauty Blender!

But onto the box as it is a good one this month! If you've never heard of Birchbox or are yet to purchase one, you receive 5 deluxe beauty samples (sometimes you do receive full sized products) every month which in total always equal to the price of or more than the cost of the box totalling in at £12.95 including P&P. In my June's box, my samples totalled to a price of a whopping £59.19 (without the Beauty Blender I would have received £39.19 worth of products) so you can really see it is worth it. This months Birchbox seems like a high end product box and I am loving this due to before, some birchboxes didn't seem very good value. I've been wanting to try some of these products out for a while now so I am super excited to find them in my box this month.

HIP Shampooing Ultra Brilliance Ultra Shine Shampoo | £15.00 for 200ml however the card included in the box states the RRP is £19.00 
This shampoo is a BIRCHBOX exclusive and is described as a blend of peppermint and eucalyptus oils shampoo that will refresh and transform your tresses for happy and healthy hair. The shampoo itself smells rather minty/ menthol with usually is quite a nice fragrance to shampoo as it really makes your hair feel clean. I would've possibly preferred a shampoo and conditioner combo but it doesn't look as if this comes as a combo offer as there is no conditioner to be seen in the Birch Box store. - Sample Price around £2.15 at 30ml

balance me Super Moisturising Body Wash | £9.00 for 200ml 
"Forget those skin stripping shower gels of yesteryear, this award winning wash uses naturally active ingredients like calming Yarrow and Patchouli plus Shea Butter to soften, hydrate and cleanse your skin." balance me is a brand I have only tried a very few products on but so far have been very impressed with. I love their more natural approach to products and this hefty 100ml sample is half the size of a full sized product, plenty to get to grips with and really take this sample for a spin. - Sample Price around £4.50 at 100ml

mirenesse Secret Weapon iCurl 24Hr Mascara | £23.97 for 10g
This is a product I have not yet heard of but this promises to give jet black lashes and does this by separating your lashes and coating them in a formula that will give you all-day curls that don't smudge, flake or clump. Now I am a mascara phob and I only seem to really have one or two that do not give me panda eyes during the day or flake down my face so this will be interesting to see if this product lives up to it's hype. Sample Price around £10.00 for 4g

STYLondon Temporary Tattoos | £7.99 full size product
The little book included in the box states that temporary tattoos have now moved jewellery to one side and are the hot new trend. I recently did a review on a set of metallic tattoos from Hobby Craft and I didn't really get along with them as they had a thick backing to them but these tattoos seem to be a little more dainty and flexible in the packet so they may just change my mind. Sample Price £7.99 as I believe this is a full sized product

Penhaligon's Iris Prima Eau De Parfum | £85.00 for 50ml
This is the most expensive product to feature in this months box and I think possibly the most expensive product I have seen in any Birchbox. This perfume is from a British fragrance house and is an elegant fragrance of Bergamot top notes and musky Sandalwood and sweet vanilla. It states to evoke the magic of prima ballerinas at the ballet? I sprayed a little of this perfume just to see what the price tag was all about and this is a VERY strong perfume so I can imagine if you did like this and wanted to fork out for the full size, a very little would go a long long way. It's quite a heavy musky fragrance with a hint of sweetness from the Vanilla and I have to say, I love when perfume samples come in a little spray bottle. I may pop this into my handbag and give it a little spritz now and again or on special occasions. Sample Price around £2.55 for 1.5ml

REN Keep Young and Beautiful Instant Firming Beauty Shot | £36.00 for 30ml
This is the 2nd most expensive priced product appearing in the Birchbox this month and I've really wanted to try out some REN products for a while now so this is a much welcomed addition. Promising to "plump the skin and diminish wrinkles for instantly firmer toned skin" I will be very willing to try this sample out, even if I'm a little scared I'll love it due to the pricey RRP. Sample Price around £12.00 at 10ml

So with the little shoe bag taken into account, this month I received 7 items in my Birchbox totalling a value of around £59.19 all for just £12.95?! You really can't complain. If you feel like you are missing out of the action I have a little surprise for you, if you join Birchbox through this special link, you can bag yourself £5.00 free credit to spend in the Birchbox online store as an extra bonus and if you sign up in June, you can receive a similar themed box to mine reviewed here and when you refer your friends to also get them a free £5.00, you can enter into a free giveaway to win Five Pairs of French Sole ballet pumps worth £375* 

*DISCLAIMER - I am the author of all content featured/ any content published on www.lovefromlucky.com. Content on this blog does not reflect the views or opinions of any other person, company or website. I am sent products or services from PR companies or brands to feature on the website in return for my review purposes. I am not obligated to review any product I am sent in a positive way and all views shared are 100% my own. PR samples will be disclosed and marked with * and any products not listed in this way have been purchased by myself or gifted to me from friends and family.

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  1. Lovely box! Some amazing bits came this month!
    I love the look of the mascara!
    fixmeinfortyfivex.blogspot.co.uk - A Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Thankyou! Aren't there just?! I think without the added bonus of the Beautyblender it would have still been a cracking box this month.

    I'm hoping the mascara is good, the brush looks lovely with the curl.

    Thanks for stopping by <3

    www.lovefromlucky.com | Chloe Mary Davis