June 10, 2015

Now I'm a fan of being unique and standing out from the crowd and what better way to do that than with funky jewellery and accessories right? The gorgeous dolls over at www.punkypins.co.uk sent me over this super value packed Lucky Dip Surprise Bag from their quirky range of funky acrylic jewellery and accessories. I've loved Punky Pins now for a number of years now as they offer fashionable jewellery with an edge and dare to be bold. They offer a wide range of jewellery and accessories to match all styles and also have a varied range of personalised accessories your beautiful necks and faces can adorn. 

Punky pins started selling kistch jewellery and accessories back in 2005 and since then have extended their range to become a prominent figure in the handmade fashion industry with various celebrities being snapped in the brand. They offer a unique online shopping experience with jewellery and accessories being made in-house in their own design studio. Regular releases provide customers with fresh, fun and cutting edge designs that you can not find elsewhere on the high street. 

The Punky Pins range offers handmade high quality products that have to pass various quality control tests before being sent out to customers. The attention to detail has led to prime time television shows such as The Brit Awards, The X-Factor, Big Brothers Big Mouth, Paris Hiltons British Best Friend becoming clients and fans of the brand. Punky Pins pride themselves on customer service and provide consumers with one of the most secure online ordering systems available. They have an easy to understand cancellation service and returns policies if anything is not to your liking or if you change your mind and will provide you with reassurance whilst shopping online.

The Lucky Dip Bag came in a personalised www.punkypins.co.uk paper bad sealed with motto stickers, mine were 'Be Good' and 'Nice Things' which are super cute in their own right. I almost felt guilty ripping open the packages. Each item comes in a separate sealable bag inside the paper packaging to keep them all in tip top condition and not to tangle with the other products. 

Each piece of jewellery such as the necklaces and bracelets come with a little Punky Pins tag attached to show the brands design and is of high quality. All three necklaces I received are made of transparent acrylic with the design printed on the other side, giving one side of the necklace the bright colour you see and the other a slightly faded version (and obviously printed backwards) where as the bracelet, earrings and kirby grips are a solid acrylic with one side being printed, the other blank. All items are made of a high quality acrylic and would in my opinion would be long wearing and would not lose their vibrancy. 

The Lucky Dip Surprise Bag comes in two different versions, the normal Lucky Dip Surprise Bag retails are £10.00 and includes goods worth the minimum value of £25.00 and there is also the Personalised Lucky Dip Surprise Bag which retails at £25.00 but includes goods with the minimum value of £45.00 and includes a personalised item in the price.The Lucky Dip Surprise Bag is a huge bargain in reality, I was expecting around £25.00 worth of product but actually received £38.50 which triples the £10.00 retail price. I think sometimes with these lucky dip bags you end up with offcuts and products the company no longer want when in reality, I actually received some fab products and 3 of which I would have personally chosen myself. There were two products that are no longer available on the site so I believe are older products but I quite like that no one can longer get them so they are a little more unique. 

If you are interested in purchasing these products either separately or wish to give the Lucky Dip Bag a go yourself, simply visit www.punkypins.co.uk and take advantage of their offer of 99p postage through out June!

Skull Tattoo Hair Clips | £3.00* (The ones I was sent are no longer stocked on the site)
Butterfly Earrings | £4.50* (The ones I was sent are no longer stocked on the site)

Lucky Dip Suprise Bag £10.00 | Cost of contents included at RRP £38.50

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