July 14, 2015

So this month was now the 2nd consecutive month I've received my Birchbox and unfortunately it was littered with problems until the box (or should I say bag!) arrived. At first I was supplied with a tracking number to track my box which I was pleased with but didn't need to use as I'm usually one of the first people that seem to receive and don't get any issues. Well it got to a few days later and loads of people were sharing their boxes on Instagram and nothing had arrived for me so I used to tracking number. This linked to an order back in April that had already been delivered?! I was a little annoyed so contacted Birchbox via Instagram just to let them know and to see if they could help. I was simply told to email the support team and they'd look into this but when I went over to the site for the contact email, I had a warning message via security on my phone and laptop so I did not want to do this. I found the email regardless and when I went to send, was told the senders email was invalid multiple times?! Eventually my tracking number started to work and my order finally arrived so NOW we move onto the unboxing and first impressions! (I've tried to let Birchbox know about their contact problems but no one has got back to me or seems very interested?!)

This month was the 'Make a Splash!' theme which featured the first ever Birchbag instead of the classic box, we were treated to a mini waterproof clutch that could be used for holiday essentials in one of four available colours. When the colours were released I have to admit I acted a little like everyone else and did not really want the yellow but the other three colours looked stunning, I'd have preferred the teal/ turquoise but was pleasantly surprised by the neon pink colour inspired by 'Ibiza'. In my bag this month I actually received 6 products which was a lovely treat and some of the products I really wasn't too sure about are amazing - top marks all around.

In my 'bag' this month I received the following; Birchbox cost price £12.95 including P&P 

Benefit Dream Screen Invisble Silky-Matte SPF 45 PA+++ Sunscreen For Face Sample size - 6ml & Full size 45ml RRP £25.00
I'm a TERRIBLE person and I don't think I've ever put SPF on my face (ah I know I'm sorry beauty gods) only just slapped some sunscreen on my face. I didn't know that Benefit had a specific SPF just for your face and the fact that it is as high as SPF 45 is a god send for my pale face. I need to just make sure I wear this with an SPF free foundation as I know you aren't meant to be doubling up as it can then counteract?  I may be wrong! However, I'm quite excited about the fact that it's a 'Silky Matte' finish and I am interested to give this a go and see how it works underneath makeup. It's quite a small sample to cover your entire face with but I'll probably get around 2-3 uses from this so it's enough of a sample size to test if this is something I need to add to my daily arsenal in the summer months and partially for the winter.

Unani Body Treatment Aloe Vera Gel Sample size 30ml & Full size RRP £15.00 (ML not stated)
This is one of the most disappointing products to me in the box just because I don't see how I would find a huge use for this. I don't really go out in the sun to the point where I get sunburn, I don't suffer from eczema or bites really but this may be a good little item to keep in the handbag for emergencies. It's a clear gel that doesn't really smell too much, I thought this would be more highly fragrance however I quite like that it's not as I don't know if a highly fragrance product would help much with burns. It feels very refreshing on the skin and leaves quite a matte finish so this may prove to come in handy.

Soigne Nail Varnish in Lavande Full size product supplied at £11
I've briefly heard of Soigne but never tried their products so was quite interested in this. Plus is matches my new Lavender shade of hair PERFECTLY! My eyebrow lady today commented that my nails now match my hair and I love it. It's a lovely formula to use and you can easily get away with just one coat if you are in a rush. I will be looking at these polishes in the future to purchase some more shades .. possibly to match my hair if I decide to change again!

BioNike Defence Tolerance Cleansing Water Sample size 15ml & Full size RRP £12.20 for 200ml
I'm a fan of cleansing waters but never have the time or effort to use them but always appreciate a new one to try - I'm just a little confused about the size of this sample because I will literally only get one use at the most?! There's not a huge amount to say about this product except the packaging is super cute (the full size is even more gorgeous and chic! check it out at and the smell is pretty standard cleansing water smelling? I will however give this a go and see whether it is worth the £12.20 mark price.

Pop Beauty Eyeshadow Trio in Peach Parfait Sample size - Trio palette & Full size 10 shade Palette for £15.50
I've never really heard of Pop Beauty and when I saw this product on the Birchbox page and it stated we'd all be getting this, I had to admit I wasn't too sold. The packaging makes the product look quite cheap and not of a good quality, it reminds me very much of the Sleek and MUA palettes which are not bad but they just don't look very nice or of a higher quality and I'm defiantly someone who would prefer to avoid cheaper products and save for a higher quality one. However! When I opened and swatched this I was utterly SHOCKED at how pigmented the shades appeared on my hand and the feel of them was super buttery, they remind me very much of the UD Naked pallets. The two peachy shades are super flattering on paler skin and would create a gorgeous summery smokey eye and the lightest shade could easily make a gorgeous looking highlight on the inner corner of eyes and along the brow bone. This will be added to my makeup box and I will be having a play around with this palette in the future - however just to note the little brush included is just a cheapy 'not worth it' brush. Throw it away.

Barely Prep, Blot & Blend sponge Full size supplied £5.99
Now I am in love with my beauty blender and most of the knock off's I've tried really are not worth it but I have to say I've not seen a beauty blender aimed mainly just at skincare prep and not makeup itself. This Barely sponge is aimed to use with moisturisers, serums, primers and makeup removers which I think is a very interesting concept. The sponge itself is much more dense than a Beauty blender and has a slightly more dented in section instead of a flat rounded surface as well as a pointed end. I'm excited to give this product a go with my moisturisers and see how this differs from just using my hands.

If you feel like you are missing out of the action I have a little surprise for you, if you join Birchbox through this special link, you can bag yourself £5.00 free credit to spend in the Birchbox online store as an extra bonus and if you sign up in July via my ref-feral (just send me your email address and I can refer!) you and myself can BOTH receive a Stella and Dot bracelet worth £19.00 PLUS £5.00 credit each to spend.

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  1. That nail colour is gorgeous! I'm really impressed with what you got and such a selection too. I'm tempted to sign up for one! xx

    Sophie Elizabeth

    1. It matches my new hair PERFECTLY - it was fate! Awh I know it was actually a really good box this month and the little pink clutch is perfect for a handbag makeup bag.

      You totally should - make sure to do it on my link and you'll get the extra £5.00 to spend in store!

      Chloe Mary Davis |