July 16, 2015

Clo Clo London is one of the most exclusive fashion jewellery retailer boutiques online. They are base in London (hence the 'London' in their name) and offer the latest trends to customers worldwide via their site Clo Clo London are proud to offer style-concious customers with high quality and fashionable pieces of jewellery to customers with exquisite taste. Each piece of jewellery Clo Clo London offer is hand picked by their buyers and is guaranteed to be made of quality materials and to meet global trends all around the world. Clo Clo London's products can be adapted to different fashion tastes and can also be worn casual or with the right outfit, can be worn out to a special event. 

Each item recieved from Clo Clo London is individually wrapped to ensure each item gets to you without any damage and opening each package feels like a mini Christmas present. When I was asked what products I wanted to recieve for a post, I automatically wanted the Gillian Bracelet | £13.99 Clo Clo London as you will all know by now I am OBSESSED with anything copper and it is a gorgeous bracelet. Sadly it is low on stock so if you like it GO GET IT NOW! I really want to put in an order for it once it's been restocked as it is just utterly gorgeous. So as this was low on stock, Clo Clo suggested I may like the Francesca Link Bracelet | £5.99 Clo Clo London* which at first I was unsure about due to the link chain (this used to be quite a 'chavtastic' thing back in the day and I've yet to try anything since my teenage years like this) but I thought I would try it due to the gorgeous colour combination and when it arrived, I was so thankful they suggested this. It's a gorgeous chunk bracelet that I am not as scared to wear as I am the fine textured bracelets I have. It will really dress up a plain outfit and look so chic against a little leather clutch on a night out. I also chose the Paloma Fine Chain Bracelet | £5.99 Clo Clo London* in Green which online looks like a minty green colour and I love mint but in life it is a little less bright and more of a pastel green. It's equally as stunning but gives a totally different vibe to the Francesca link bracelet but I like that the site has such a variation of products to offer to it's customers. 

Clo Clo London also include some top tips for keeping your fashion jewellery in tip top condition!
1. Avoid contact with water. Always remove your ring(s) when washing hands. 
2. Wipe your jewellery gently with a soft, clean and slightly damp cloth after wearing.
3. Always put on your perfume and cosmetics BEFORE putting on your fashion jewellery to keep it looking fab. 

If you are interested in either of the products you can find the Paloma Bracelet here!* which is also avaiable in a gorgeous neon pink colour and the Francesca Link Bracelet here!* which is only available in the one colour combination. Each bracelet is £5.99 and you can find higher/ lower priced items on the site. They are currently having a PENNY SALE where you can literally get a piece of jewellery for £0.01 but be quick as stock is selling fast! You can find out more information about Clo Clo London and shop the site over at

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  1. More amazing jewellery! I'm so jealous. This looks so vintagey, I love it. Thanks for sharing!

    I voted for your blog on this btw! xx

    Sophie Elizabeth

    1. Awh thanks chick! - It's gorgeous isnt it! and oh wow thanks! That's so kind of you <333

      Chloe Davis |

  2. Everything looks stunning!!

    1. It really is! You should totally check out their site if you haven't yet! <3

      Chloe Mary Davis