July 09, 2015

Freedom is a new makeup brand from the company who created Makeup Revolution. Freedom is a new line that claims to be professional quality makeup at affordable prices. I've seen a few videos around the blogosphere but for a while I didn't actually realise it was any different to the Makeup Revolution line. As you can clearly see from the packaging, the brands are very similar and use the same colours, designs and fonts for their packaging. I wanted to try out Freedom Makeup as I've dabbled with some of the Makeup Revolution eyeshadow palettes but not much else as it all seemed quite 'cheap' in quality to me. I'm not a makeup snob but I don't like wasting my money on lower quality products when you can save up the few pounds and put them towards something a little better. But, I went against what I thought after watching a few videos from bloggers. Head over to their Youtube Channel where you can find the gorgeous face of their brand, MissBudgetBeauty showing off some of the products and sporting some lovely looks using the range before buying some products. Anyways here's what I purchased on my mini haul.

The lipstick doesn't seem very pigmented and this shade in particular is a little more of a 'sheer' wearing shade. It's a lovely coraly pink colour that does warm up the face and adds a nice 'your lips but better' colour to them. I guess for £1.00 you can't complain but it would've been nice for them to step up the quality a little for a few pounds extra. I'm tempted to try out some other shades as on their channel, some of the shades look highly pigmented.

So far I've been VERY impressed with this concealer and I would say it is along the lines of the highly hyped Collection concealer but even more budget friendly. It's a very creamy concealer that is easily blendable and the 'Light' shade is a perfect match for my skin - it is a little yellowy so any fair ladies with a pink undertone may not like this. I will be stocking up on this! 

The Pro Glow Meow powder is a highlighting blush/ face baked powder that promises to give a subtle glow to your complexion if swirled together or the shades can be picked out singular to use as contour/ blush shades. The pan is very small so I'm not quite sure how you are meant to pick out the shades. For this look, I swirled the shades together and used them along my cheeks and cheek bones for a healthy glow. 

No words are really needed for this palette. It's very similar to the sleek contour palettes and will make a nice replacement since mine got a little old. It comes in three shades, I went for fair and only used a slight wash over my cheek bones for this look. The shades could be built up and layered for a stronger look and the light shade actually makes quite nice for a setting powder if used lightly. 

And that's my little mini haul. Overall, I would easily repurchase the concealer and possibly the contour palette if needed but I was not very impressed in the lipstick. I'm still on the fence about the Meow powder but could probably start to like this!

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  1. Ooh I love trying new brands! And they seem so reasonable too?? I really love the lip colour, you look gorgeous as usual hun xx

    Sophie Elizabeth

    1. The prices are super reasonable - I actually expected them to be more than Makeup Rev but they aren't! The concealer is the best item I got.

      Thanks gorgeous!

      Chloe Mary Davis |