July 07, 2015

The Scott Cornwall range of salon quality products has recently had a makeover to give the brand a more premium and contemporary look.  I was contacted by their branding ambassador to see if I'd like to try out any of the products due to previously using a similar range of products. I have actually used Scott Cornwall products before and have been very impressed so thought I'd take advantage of the opportunity to try out some of the newer products to the range that I have not before. Bleaching your hair really does start to ruin the condition of your hair so I appreciate nothing more than an extra boost in hair condition when possible and the Scott Cornwall Shine On Clear Hair Glaze* promises to do just that. This conditioning treatment boasts to add dazzling shine, gloss and vitality without changing the tone of your hair but simply adding a 'glaze' to the hair. This product contains a unique diamond clear molecule for reflective vitality and enriched hair lustre, using ultra kind oxidation technology to trap and seal the molecule inside the hair and giving continued shine for up 24 washes. 

Apologies the product is a little beaten up in the photos, the postman wasn't very kind to my package and this is how it arrived! The product is a unique collagen cream formula that hydrates, fills and softens the hair creating renewed condition as well as dazzling shine. It works on all hair types and textures and doesn't alter the colour of hair so can be used on bleached treated hair and colour treated hair. It can also be used after colouring or bleaching/ highlighting hair to help seal shine into the cuticle.  Shine On Clear Glaze Treatment* comes with three bottles and a set of instructions and gloves are provided for application. 

The Shine On Clear Glaze Treatment* takes 20 minutes to apply, develop and wash out. You simply wash your hair with Step 1 which is a pre cleanse to prepare the hair for the conditioning treatment, towel dry hair and mix together Part 2 and Part 3 and apply the treatment to your hair starting with the ends first and working your way up to the roots. The pre cleanse treatment smelt lovely but the actual conditioning treatment which you create with Part 2 and Part 3 is very reminiscent of the other Scott Cornwall treatments, especially the Colour Remover. It's not as eggy as this one but it doesn't smell the best if I'm honest but I got past this and applied the treatment to my hair. I let it develop for around 20 minutes and then hopped into the shower to wash it off. I didn't really notice that my hair felt much softer but once washed and blow dried, there was quite a difference in my hair condition. 

My hair appeared a lot more shinier which actually enhanced my blonde colour as you can see in the difference of the before and after photos below. It does state to blow dry and if possible, to straighten the hair to seal in the treatment but I did not have any straighteners to hand due to moving house so I just blow dried my hair to try and seal in the product. 

 Before application of Clear Glaze Hair Conditioning Treatment - Apologies for the state of my frazzled hair and no makeup face. 

After treatment of Clear Glaze Hair Conditioning Treatment
As you can see the highlights in my blonde hair really pop out up the darker sections of my hair and the condition looks dramatically different. 

I noticed a dramatic difference on the day of the treatment and the day after but upon washing my hair as normal after 2 days, the treatment seemed to almost disappear which I was a little sad about. I have washed my hair around 11-12 times since using the treatment a few weeks ago and could not say if my hair was in any better condition than before but I do notice if I wash my hair and blow dry straight after, it is in a much better conditioner than it was before this treatment was applied. 

You can purchase the treatment through the Boots website for £12.99 which is also currently on a 3 for 2 offer with other Scott Cornwall Products such as their Conditioning Toners and their Colour Removers and also a range of other haircare products from Boots. I was also sent the Precolour Clarifying Treatment* which I will put up a separate review of in the future. 

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