July 02, 2015

You all seemed to love my 'Unique Bloggers' post last time, showcasing some of the weird but wonderful bloggers who like to step out of the box once in a while and give us readers something a little different. Or just something we love to read that most others give us but with a little edge. I'm talking about those mermaid haired, inked up, lovely ladies who we secretly all want to be but can't step outside that box. I know myself I want my hair either a lilac or a pastel pink and to be adorned in cute little tattoos but that won't happen, and if it does it'll be a while. I'm getting off topic like I always do ... without further a do, here are three lovely Unique blogger/ vlogger ladies I've recently come across and can't get enough of.
Helen is a bit of a new addition to my favourite bloggers but I did used to spy on her Instagram back in her 'Melon Lady' days and thought was gorgeous and so out there. I've recently been watching her videos and well most of her channel is 'watched' .. oops. She is a colourful lady who's not afraid to swear and say things how they really are. She's the festival diva who loves to live life to the fullest. She steps out from the crowd with videos such as her 'Plug Collection' and her 'Festival Essentials' videos - I agree, you need to carry some Femme Fresh wipes with you either at festivals or camping!  Helen appeals to the girlier side of me with her fashion OOTD videos, her Skincare and her makeup tutorials. But she also appeals to my mermaid princess side with her Coloured hair tutorials and her crazy sense of style. She makes me want to break out of my shell and go crazy, and that's why I love her. Keep doing what you're doing Helen! Watch her 'What's ACTUALLY in my handbag' video for a perfect example of her saying it how it is and her wacky side that I love. 

Blog http://www.cherrywallis.com/ | Youtube https://www.youtube.com/user/MsCherryGoesPop
I found Cherry through Helen's channel and I am addicted. Cherry is a gorgeous out there girl who isn't afraid to do things a little different. Again, she does Fashion videos such as Primark Hauls, Lush Hauls and her Monthly Favourites. But she also does things such as The survival guide to Periods and videos like the below, Trying American Candy. She is just a funny out there girl who does videos that are just addictive to watch. I've only been watching her for literally like 2-3 days but I can tell she will become a firm favourite and I can't wait to see her next videos! Check out her video below! 


Blog http://mermaidgossip.com/ | Youtube https://www.youtube.com/user/EmilyFisheedesigns
Emily is a fellow Bristol blogger that I recently found and she is pretty much the mermaid queen. She is a gorgeous pink haired beauty who varies her blog and Youtube with lifestyle, fashion and beauty but all with a super girly flair. I've watched her Rose Gold Hair tutorial and it is just making me want pastel pink hair - should I?! Emily is just a bubbly girl who has a wonderful fashion sense with a 'mermaid inspiration' to it and basically will become a new style inspiration to you, just as she has to me. I'm also loving her home videos including this Homeware Haul below which is making me want to revamp my whole house! She is one sassy diva who isn't afraid to get stuck in and managed to completely redecorate her front room all on her on in like less than a week, and it looked amazing! Style and home decor inspiration to the max. She also runs her own travel photo booth company called http://www.fisheedesigns.com/ which has several themed packages and can be hired for pretty much any occasion.

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