September 06, 2015

If you've yet to hear about Tiger then I seriously think you've been living under a rock! Tiger is a  Danish home ware/ kitchenware/ stationary and hobby store that provides super cute and funky items to adorn your home in. Think Ikea's home ware section but in a super cute shop and SUPER CHEAP. (We will get onto that bit soon!) Tiger started back in 1995 in Copenhagen and has developed from a modest outlet to a worldwide recognised chain with over 400 stores in 21 European countries. In 2005, Tiger opened it's first UK stores in Basingstoke and since then have opened mainly across the South East but good news to all you South West people and BRISTOLIANS alike, we now have one in our wonderful Cabot Circus! Tiger's mission is to provide their customers with stylish products that are fun and also great value. 

BUT ONTO THE HAUL! So as I was saying, us lucky Bristolians now have a Tiger store in Cabot Circus and when me and my friend saw the store, we literally ran away from our group outing and had to check it out. I managed to contain myself and dragged Ashley back there on the weekend. I didn't think I'd spend TOO much but this is the stash I came out with! 

They specialise in high quality, exceptional value items are that practical, fun, decorative and encourage creativity in their customers. Everything is priced in pounds (no pennies here ladies and gents)  They don't unfortunately have an option yet to buy online but you can review a range of their products on their website at 

LOVE IS BLIND Eyewear Glasses Case | £2.00
Turquoise Coloured Mesh bag (used as Makeup bag!) | £1.00
Leather style Braided Keychain | £1.00
Heart shaped Massager | £2.00
Turquoise/ White Hair Bobbles -| £1.00 for set of 4

Turquoise coloured Candles | £2.00 for Large - £1.00 for Small
Candle dish holders (Ceramic white) | £1.00 each x 2
Tea Towels | £2.00 each (Moustache heart and Tattoo design)
Sailor Themed Plasters | £2.00 for 30 designed Plasters
Greeting Cards | (50p each) 2 for £1.00
Turquoise Dish Brush | £2.00
Cat Canvas Bag | £1.00


And here's a few little 'in action' shots for you ...

And there you have my cheeky little Tiger haul! Don't fret - I WILL BE GOING BACK. This was just all I could warrant this paycheque and also with Ashley hawking over me saying 'we don't need that!' - if you're in the South West area or Bristol you MUST check out this store! 

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  1. I LOVE Tiger!! I want to kit out my entire kitchen and bathroom with their amazing goodies! I love all the hearts and stuff you got, so cute! Thanks for sharing xx

    Sophie Elizabeth

    1. We should totally go to Tiger when your in Brizzle! It's such a fun shop!

      Chloe Mary Davis |