September 01, 2015

So summer is officially over (not that we had much of a summer in Britain let's be honest!) and it's time to start cracking out those Autumn/ Winter outfits and to enjoy the chilly weather and the rain which we are definitely being treated to. I thought I would kick off the A/W season with a little woodland look and paying homage to how we are all feeling deep down by going all black and white and to knock out the colour! It sounds depressing I know, but these are some of my favourite outfits to wear. They're super simple and easy to rock but can be great to style up, you can make them much more interesting with some lovely looking accessories which I've tried to do here and hopefully it worked.

I also thought I'd showcase my gorgeous boots I bought in the summer sale (just another sad thing but also good thing! You can really get some great bits at the moment that you are able to transition into A/W) that are PERFECT for this rainy weather we have been experiencing. They have some real style and interest to them with the detailing and buckles and the fact they're real leather is one step better at keeping that winter rain out of your feet! Please excuse my lack of posing skills, I'm getting there bare with me guys. 

Necklace | Primark (Instore) £8.00
Skirt | New Look £9.99
Belt | Borrowed from the boyface Ashley
Woven Cami TopAsda £6.00

 O U T T A K E S !   O U T T A K E S !   O U T T A K E S !
No outfit post is without it's out takes and I thought I'd show some to you, just to show you how unstraight forward outfit posts really are. And how funny your boyfriend can be behind that pesky camera!

I hope you enjoyed this outfit post guys, what do you think?! Let me know the comments below and also let me know what kind of outfits you want to see next. 

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  1. You look so beautiful! I LOVE that necklace, how is that only Primark for £8? It looks so expensive. I love how you've style this too. I'm going to be visiting Bristol at the end of the month/beginning of October, I hope we can hang out! xx

    Sophie Elizabeth