September 13, 2015

I'm a huge fan of receiving a cheeky little box through my door monthly full of goodies you wouldn't usually purchase yourself and well quite frankly, it's a lot nicer than a bill coming through let's put it that way! I've been following veronicadearly via Instagram  now for a few months and have always admired her super cute news feed but never realised that all of the gorgeous things she post on Instagram are actually her items you can purchase, and even better, YOU CAN SUBSCRIBE TO A MONTHLY BOX! That's the whole point of this post right?! So yes, I subscribed to Veronica's V GD FUN CLUB box last month and completely forgot about it until this super cute box was posted through my door and I got to open a whole box full of fun.

With your box subscription, you get this super cute and 'fun' I LOVE FUN pin that each V.GD FUN CLUB member receives, isn't that adorable?! I can't wait to showcase mine on a new denim jacket proudly. Each box contains at least 4 greeting cards along with other super fun items, exclusive club items and other goodies worth over £20 and better yet, it's only £10 a month to sign up. This is the 3rd edition of the subscription and I hope it continues to many many more!

There are also seasonal boxes every now and again and you get an extra little treat on your birthday month. It's a great little box for any stationary nerds like me and it's just a joy to get through your letter box. I've actually already written one of the cards and the receiver loved it so much (the You're a Gem card)

So this is the contents of my first ever V.GD FUN CLUB box. 
'Oh you have a pouch ..' pouch | Box Exclusive (I believe .. it's not on the site)
I LOVE FUN pin | Member box exclusive
Little heart rubber! (added extra)

You also get a super cute leaflet with little fun suggestions of things you can do and also join in on the little Instagram challenge that Veronica has set themes for on daily Instagram posts! Be sure to use the hashtag #VGDFUNCLUB if you join in!

And there you have a little review of my first ever V.GD FUN CLUB box. I will defiently be staying subscribed to this little beauty as it will forever stock my 'emergency greetings card' box (which I think every woman should have one of these because ... well because) I have mine as I'm always forgetting birthdays and occasions and so far, it's proved handy on three occasions! 

What did you think of the V.GD FUN CLUB box?! Make sure to check out Veronica's Instagram https://instagram.com/veronicadearly/ for cute pictures and sneek peeks into products she sales as well as box exclusives! You can actually purchase most items via the bigcartel store and also sign up to the box via this link here! or click the pictures below to go to the store! 

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