September 27, 2015

If your yet to hear of 'Dismaland' there I'm sorry but you've obviously been living your life under a rock. Dismaland is the newest exhibition from the Bristol artist Banksy and has been set up in the home of Weston Super Mare for 6 weeks. 

The exhibition consists not only of Banksy work, but also 58 other handpicked artist including one of my favourites, Damien Hirst and many more such as Jenny Holzer. If you enjoy a little poke at politics, slightly saddening art and eye opening propaganda, this is ( or was! it actually finshes today the 27th!) to be. If you were unlucky enough to not get tickets as they sold like hot cakes, then fear not as I have you covered. I managed to eagerly wait for the clock to tick 10.00am last week and bagged two tickets for the 'Masked Ball'. This event was set up to include the art already in the exhibit, and for music to be seen from acts such as Pussy Riot, Kate Tempest, Leftfield, Dr Premier and De La Soul. Everyone was asked to attend the event with their faces covered as it was relaid on the invitations that Banksy himself wanted to come and view the works and the music without being pap'd or disturbed. And let it be said, us public take messages like that to heart. EVERYONE and I mean everyone including the music artists and staff were masked in some sort of way. (You even had the few fellows who forgot to cover their faces and would've been refused entry to made a quick dash to Mcdonalds or Tesco and bagged their heads!) So in the interest of art, I have taken LOADS of photos for you all to have a gander and enjoy the weird feelings of Dismaland. 

Everyone down to the staff, was fully committed to the 'dismal' theme and I was shouted at by quite a few for giggling and laughing. A lot of the art was quite unsettling, a lot just hilariously funny and some very eye opening. 

There was a rumour and also a message sent to us to make sure we had our faces covered due to Banksy wishing to attend the event himself. I was curious all night and we only found one fellow who looked a little shifty .., the man in the box. He also was conducting the Punch and Judy show and me and my Ashley are CONVINCED this was him, Anyone?!

And there you have Dismaland. It was a very odd experience and in some ways, we were both thrilled but also disappointed, but then is Banksy's intent. A lot of the things there were to be paid foronce you bought your ticket which I guess if you had managed to get a £3 ticket, you wouldn't have been too surprised. We bought a £30 ticket so didn't really know what to expect. However we looked upon it in humour, the impossible fair ground games and dismal themed fair ground rides just reminded us of the times of being a child and really not having the money for these things but our parents dishing out just for our fun, a truly eye opening and dismal experience.

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  1. What a great post! I heard about this but didn't try to get tickets as I knew it'd be near impossible. Your photographs really drew me into the experience so well done! Indeed very thought-provoking and interesting :)
    Rebecca | The Two Twenty Somethings

    1. Awh thankyou! It was a truly amazing experience and I'm glad I could give you a perspective via my photography. Glad you enjoyed! <3

      Chloe Mary Davis | www.lovefromlucky.com

  2. Great post and pics! I heard a lot of people talking about this exhibition and every single one had different opinions on it! wish I could have seen it! :) xx