October 22, 2015

So I felt like doing a little post as I know quite a few people are interested in 'behind the scene's' kind of posts and how the blogging culture works and so on so forth. So I thought I'd fill you in on a little on OOTD behind the scene's post. I think it's quite fun to see how bloggers take Outfit Of The Day posts and what goes into them. This little outing was with Emily from and Gina from

I myself, find it hard to take photos alone and love for someone to give me a bit of direction on how to shoot my outfit properly and for someone to know what I'm after. Where as someone like Emily, can take her own photos with a tripod and remote and knows EXACTLY what shots she wants and how to get them. It all depends on your style and being either one is not a bad thing, it all depends on how you like to shoot. 

Do you like OOTD posts? What tips and tricks do you use to take them?! Do you use other bloggers/ photographers or do you take yours alone?

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  1. OMG, I love your colorful hair! It was all I was looking on the pictures :P :D

  2. This is such a lovely post, and very different which is a lovely, refreshing change! It's great to see behind the scenes sometimes, it's nice to know if you're getting it 'right' or not xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge