October 04, 2015

Thursday the 1st of October was the long awaited evening to attend Bristol Fashion Week at Cribbs Causeway in Bristol. I've worked in Cribbs before and remembered the hype around BFW but never have attended myself and this year was my first and for me it was a special event, as it was my first time attending as an invited guest Blogger. BFW is a little different to your average fashion show, they put on dancing performances and use models of all shapes and sizes and styles (I even noticed a cheeky hand tattoo on one model!) so it's really an event to celebrate and sets BFW apart from the rest. It also each year has a competition for members of the public to enter or to be entered into, a makeover and to feature in the show! 

The show features multiple brands and showcases all of the styles available from each store in the mall such as Marks and Spencers who were the main sponsors of the show this year providing refreshments such as an array of flavoured juices and some yummy popcorn, really setting the 'hollywood' glamour theme followed through out the rest of the show. Other brands such as New Look, John Lewis and Topshop. There is a lovely array of Men's, Women's and even Child's wear through out the show and each 'scene' has a different theme. Fashions that featured this year were Noir (gothic glamour) 70's and also Geek Chic.

Grey coats are replacing Black coats this A/W as the main staple of our wardrobes. It goes with all colours and compliments shades such like Khaki and Berry so beautifully. BFW used them to dress up monochrome outfits but you could mix them with chunky scarves and colourful gloves if you wanted to make the trend go further. 

Accessories were a heavily featured theme throughout the show for both Men and Women's fashion, I loved the use of fedora hat's through out the show and I think this is a key piece this A/W to dress up any outfit. 

I really loved attending the show and checking out which trends are going to be big this A/W and get some real inspiration. Stayed tuned for Thursday's post this week all about what I wore to the event and which trend I worked with for my outfit.

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  1. Beautiful photos my dear! I'm so jealous - I always think about going to this sort of thing but never do it. Looks like so much fun. Thanks for sharing your photos xxx

    Sophie Elizabeth

    1. Awh thanks gorgeous! You should totally come next time or get yourself into LFW. You're very welcome!

      Chloe Mary Davis |