October 13, 2015

I LOVE nothing more than spending my days off in bed, lounging around in my PJ’s and doing nothing. So when I have to actually get up and do something, or god forbid leave the house … I don’t really want to get ‘dressed’. Lately I’ve managed to purchase quite a few looser pieces of clothing that feel like PJ’s but actually still look like I managed to give a crap about the day and put on some damn clothes like a woman should, whilst feeling the comfort of wearing PJ ‘like’ clothes and feeling smug about my day as I sit in comfort at work whilst all the other girls are in tight ass jeans and trying to look like they woke up and made an impression for someone else. So here’s how to cheat your day and relax in style, whilst looking like you got up and didn’t get dressed in the dark .. or even didn’t get dressed. (Kendall Jenner knows what it's all about! ..)

 Trousers like this are PERFECT for that relaxed ‘I’m in my PJ’s but actually look like a lady’ vibe – they’re suitably baggy and oversized yet fitted and show off some sort of lady essence to your look. You can totally get away with a vest top or an oversized sleeved cami with these trousers and look like you’ve got up to face the day .. no one will know you’re secretly wishing you were still in bed. Khaki is also a very versatile colour and look great with monochrome or netural items but also great with a few flashes of colour; lately I’ve been working with some Navy and Purple themed headscarves (also to shove back my hair and look like I’ve made some sort of effort, where realistically it took me 3 minutes to do!) with my Khaki coat and received lots of compliments.

 Anything with ‘jogger’ in the name is definitely a ‘I NEED THIS TO FEEL COMFY’ moment – the grey colour is great to go with any colour and Grey is VERY big this season so it’s perfect for the A/W vibes. Think chunky knit jumpers and some biker boots if you want to make it feel more comfy or if you’re not into that (why are you then reading this blog post?!) wear with heels or some leather pumps. Shove on a big knit scarf and you’re all cosy and ready to face the day. (or not!)

 Now, if you are a fan of leggings which some people aren’t (let’s be honest they’re not the most fashionable items to exsist!) then shirts like this are superb to wear with them and again, chuck on a cosy chunky scarf and it’ll feel like you never left the house. These are also quite office appropariate if you have a more relaxed vibe in your office (if you don’t pssh, you’re missing out) but you still look put together enough to not offend the boss with your attire choices.

AND THEN ... all you need is a selection of chunky scarves, some proper comfy socks to wear with boots and an oversized coat or jacket to through on top. And there you have super comfy, relaxed fashion suitable for A/W 2015! Don't say I don't ever give you guys anything ....

What are your favourite 'I can't be arsed today' kind of pieces to wear? Who else loves comfortable fashion?!

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  1. Great post dear! I love your blog:)

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Much appreciated <3

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