October 06, 2015

It's been a long time coming but I FINALLY got my hands on a Lucky Dip Club box! If you haven't heard of LDC then basically is a quirky little postal box which you can either buy month to month (if it's sold out by the time you go to get it!) or you can subscribe and receive monthly straight to your door. 

Lucky Dip Club is a monthly box that is dedicated to all who loves handmade, personalised presents and cute surprises. Each box is released on the 1st of each month at 7am and sells out almost instantly so you need to be fast! Each box is themed and the box arrives at the end of the month and is full of handmade jewellery, homewares, DIY kits and fun stationary. Also every month you receive a 'Charm of the Month' which you can either add all the charms to a bracelet or each charm comes with a chain that can be worn as a necklace on it's own and don't worry ladies - it's available in either Silver or Gold (the choice is yours which I love!) so without further a do .. let's get onto the unboxing of my first ever Lucky Dip Club box!

This months theme was all things 'slumber' party - think 90's fun in a box! I fell in love with the contents of my box and when opened all at once, I was a little unsure about how I felt but now I look back at the contents it's just perfect. I think with subscription boxes you can become a little overwhelmed and don't really look at the individual items - you asses the box on a whole and sometimes this means you can miss out. 

The contents of the box this month are as follows;
- Unicorn Pinata Brooch
- Charm of the Month (Pizza) Necklace
-Lucy Kemp Brass Initial Necklace (Mine is a C for Chloe)
- Lucky Dip Club Nail Transfers
- A cute Canvas storage bag (suitable for snacks or even a makeup bag)

I am a HUGE fan of pizza so this charm couldn't be more suitable for myself, and on the other side it has stamped 'Lucky Dip Club' which I think is a super cute touch. I choose to have Silver as I don't really wear Gold but this would've been super chic in Gold so I'm a tad jealous of anyone who choose to have it in that. The Lucy Kemp necklace I was a little unsure of being a brass heart which is adorable but it came on a silver chain? I think I'll give it a go but worst case I can also rechain the charm and wear it and the 'C' stamped into it is a really nice little touch. I did find it a bit repetitive to get two pieces of jewellery and would've possibly preferred another item but I love them both!

I also love the Nail Transfers and after growing my nails recently, I can really take advantage of these. I'm not sure these would've been greatly received by myself a few months ago as a nail bitter but I can appreciate them from a girly point of view and after becoming a bit nail obsessed as of lately. The makeup bag is super adorable and I love anything canvas lately and the envelope closure with a bow is really cute. And the Unicorn Pinata brooch will probably be put onto my coat or on my  bag and will add a little colour to my day. 

And there you have it! Overall I would give the box about a 8/10 - As I previously said it would've been nicer to get just one piece of jewellery and something else maybe in the box and I don't know if the nail transfers would be for everyone but it's a super cute and quirky box that would make a lovely treat to yourself or even a gift for someone! 

If you are looking to become a member then head to boxes are released on the 1st of every month at 7am but be quick! If this is your sort of thing and you like this box and previous ones, I'd suggest to become a subscription member which is £2.00 cheaper a month and also you are guaranteed a box and a extra treat on your birthday!

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  1. Aww you got an amazing one! I managed to get my hands on one for the first time a few months back and they're like gold dust but so worth it. I think you got an awesome theme, I love the little Unicorn Pinata and pizza necklace!! Those nail transfers are amazing! Is it what you expected it to be? Another fantastic post my love xx

    Sophie Elizabeth

    1. I loved your little Kitty necklace though - so wish I chose gold instead of silver but still. I love the unicorn pin! Can't wait to style him up and the nail decals too! Thanks for commenting as always <3

      Chloe Mary Davis |

  2. What a cute little subscription box, the pizza necklace is adorable - love it!!

    Toni x

    1. Isn't it just?! I kinda wish it was Gold but that was my choice. Sadly you don't know exactly what your getting so I presumed I'd prefer silver. Thanks for stopping by! Hope you enjoyed! <3

      Chloe Mary Davis |

  3. Really cute box, although I think there's not enough in them that I would actually make use of/be able to gift (too old :( !) to make them worth it for me, but thanks for the review as this wasn't one I'd come across before


    1. Super cute isn't it!? Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoyed <3

      Chloe Mary Davis |