November 21, 2015

The wonderful people at Publicasity who are the PR company responsible for Homesense invited me along to their #lovefromfirstfind event hosted at the Bristol branch of Homesense for a super Christmas themed evening full of fun snacks, shopping and socialising. If you're unsure of what Homesense is, it's basically a store full of wonderful items which quite a few are more 'one of a king' items and you're always sure to find something different there and also heavily discounted brands. If you're a fan of Tkmaxx, this is the sister brand of the company which launched in 2008 and now has 39 stores! You can find unique items and the stores get deliveries everyday arriving from all over the globe - you never know what you might find. Ranging from home ware, to gifts there's something for everyone. 

So to celebrate all things Christmas, myself and some other Bristol bloggers headed over to the Bristol store to hunt down some #lovefromfirstfind items. I managed to pick up quite a large loot but sadly I can't show you many of the items as a lot of them are for family gifts for Christmas! But I did take a few snaps of some items I #lovedfromfirstfind and thought I'd share them all with you! The night was full of shopping fun and some gorgeous festive nibbles provided by Kates Kitchen which is a Bristol based company. Homesense kindly provided us with a giftcard and sent us on our way to pick out all our favourite bits and tag each item with these brown #lovefromfirstfind tags, if you head to the Bristol store over the next few days you may spot one or two tags! Blogger approved Christmas gifts and home ware items. 

The store was full of unique finds and plenty of copper accessories *hint hint* which is huge at the moment. They had gorgeous traditional and unique Christmas decorations such as this paper rolled reindeer statue, I was in awe at how unique yet traditional this piece was .. it was a shame to leave it behind! I had a wonderful night with the fellow Bristol bloggers and Homesense is one of my favourite stores so was thrilled to be invited along to celebrate my favourite season, Christmas! Have you been to Homesense recently?! What Christmas goodies did you pick out?

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  1. I really want to go here when I come to Bristol! I saw another blog post on it and they had a dinosaur for the living room haha. Their christmas decorations are so pretty, so much copper too! Perfect for you ;) xx

    Sophie Elizabeth

    1. They had some gorgeous items - we should go when you next come!

      Chloe Mary Davis |