November 07, 2015

Every year I want to theme my Christmas gift wrapping, it works for a while and then I get like an out on control spending monkey, run out of the pretty paper and then when I need more it's never in stock! So this year I've thought of a fool proof plan (I think!) to keep all my wrapping the same and to also be super cute, chic and look adorable under my tree until they are gifted. I love brown paper - it's super versatile and although you can get some strange textured ones, they're normally all the same wherever you go so it's very easy to stock up and keep your theme going with this as gift wrapping. My top tip is just to check the textures if you can. This one I picked up a while ago was a bit different to what I normally buy and it's the easiest to use as gift wrapping but your generic brown paper will usually do. Usually you can get a 3m-5m roll for just a few pounds. I think even in Wilkos you can get a 3m for just £1.00. Much cheaper than Christmas wrap and with a few little decorative tags and rubber stamps .. you'll be on your way to festive gorgeousness.

Ikea have some lovely wrapping paper and Christmas bits in at the moment and I managed to pick up these gorgeous tags for quite cheap - they were in the stationary section and I think it was around 10-12 for about £2.00? (and had matching note books which I had to pick up of course). They have some gorgeous copper detailing on them and the pastel colours tie in very well, some are geometric designs and then there are some plain pastel green and cream ones to break the designs up a little. The string I'm using is actually from the Ikea Christmas section and again, I think this was around £2.00-£3.00 for the whole ball. 

And now comes the fun part - the stamping! You can get rubber alphabet stamps pretty much in any craft shop but I managed to pick up this type writer style set from Hobby Craft for around £10.00 and the Ink pads are about £2.00 each. For Christmas, they are doing some multiple pack sets and I picked up this Silver, Gold and Copper metallic trio for just £3.00 which ties in perfectly with the tags I'm using from Ikea. 

Stamp on your loved ones names, tie some string around the package and your all down. If you don't want to leave the paper plain, you can get a range of Christmas stamps like snowflakes and stars to stamp onto the paper and this will make it a little more interesting but I'm leaving that up to the string and tags I'm using this year. And there you have it, a super easy and cheap way of making your gift wrapping look stylish and 'in season' and cohesive throughout.

What gift wrapping theme's have you gone with this year? Who else loves brown paper packages tied up with string?

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