December 09, 2015

Now I love getting subscription boxes in the post, nothing makes me happier than any post that isn't bills! And there seems to be a small gap in the subscription box market for jewellery related boxes. Well look no further than the new Charm Box* - The Charm Box is a three monthly subscription box from the UK that sends you three gorgeous hand selected items each month every three months to match the latest jewellery trends and keep you up to date in the jewellery department. There are two boxes to choose from, either silver or gold depending on your tastes and the pieces that are chosen are made to be elegant and timeless so you can add them to your collection. Boxes can be cancelled at any time so it's a great starter subscription for some of you who are new to the concept! Charm Box sent me over their first ever box* to review for you all and here's my thoughts - and also sent me a cheeky discount code for you all! Head to and enter code LUCKY20 for 20% off

So as previously stated, you get three pieces of jewellery every three months for £30.00 and you can choose either silver or gold. I personally went for the silver version as I'm not a huge fan of gold. I got a gorgeous leather style necklace with a statement silver bar, a thin bangle with star and circle diamond detailing and an adorable little ring featuring a small ball and snowflake style diamond. 

I am totally in love with the necklace* as it's something I would pick up in the store myself and quite like that beige leather style as it's something I'd usually prefer to get in a black or dark grey. But the beige makes a nice change and the silver is actually a little darker than your standard silver metal. The necklace itself feels really good quality but the silver bar is actually quite light in weight - I am unsure whether this is real silver but I believe all the pieces are costume jewellery. 

The little snowflake style ring* is really adorable and perfect for this time of year. You do not need to worry about sizing with this ring as due to it's style and metal, it is pliable and can be made bigger if needed. Sadly though due to the metals thinness, it is a little flimsy and mine has now bent out of shape after just two wears. If you have thinner fingers than myself then you may find the sizing okay. I also found this to be similar with the bangle* received in the box - this is QUITE small (I actually ended up giving this to my six year old cousin who found it a little big but again, the metal is pliable so we just bent it into a shape she was happier with) I did try this bangle on myself but it did look like my wrist was being strangled and to be honest, I don't have the largest wrists. 

So personally for myself, I kept two out of three pieces from the box and gifted the other to my younger cousin due to sizing and delicateness of the bangle I didn't want to keep this. I loved the style and design of each piece but did find for £30.00 the fact that the items are not real silver (which I do understand getting three pieces of real silver may cost more than the RRP) is a little disappointing and the quality is a little less than I originally anticipated. But this is Charm Box's first ever box and I do feel like this is a great starting point for the company and it can only move forwards - I love the concept and feel it's filled the gap in the market perfectly. I'd love to try out another box to see what goodies I can add to my collection next time.

Just a quick mention that the package of the box was gorgeous! I got some really cute star tissue paper which had everything delicately wrapped and tied within the box. Also to mention the bangle and ring came in an organza pouch and the boxes are hand stamped so Charm Box have really gone all out on their packaging. 

If you are interested in Charm Box UK Silver Box at £30.00* head to their website at and purchase your own Charm Box today! MAKE SURE TO USE MY DISCOUNT CODE LUCKY20 for 20% off!! It would make a gorgeous little gift for that special family member or even a gift to yourself.

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