March 22, 2016

Yes this is the 3rd time I have re-subscribed to Birchbox and yes, this is also the 3rd time I will be subscribing. So I was happily living my life without Birchbox and then I got another one of their lovely emails enticing me back as a subscriber with a free gift if I re-subscribed for March. I didn't realise this was code for 'this month's box isn't very good so here's a free gift if you want to be a return customer with us'. I was really looking forward to being a subscriber again as there was some fairly decent brands and products being advertised as featured this month but I should've known that this was just to entice you and I know it's not always what you get but had hoped that maybe I would actually get it this time. Anyways enough of my ranting and onto the unboxing.

This month's theme was 'word up' - described by Birchbox as a month to help you search and find your ultimate beauty discovery. The word search box was designed for you to have a little fun along with your beauty products. Every box received an Arrow Boost Enhancing Lip Balm that is cleverly designed to react to the PH level in your lips, creating your own personal and unique colour. Also featured is a ModelCo More Brows brow gel to help fill in sparse brows - Birchbox send you either Light/Medium and Medium/Dark depending on the colour you fill out in your personal details. I got a Light/Medium but there's not a huge amount to say to this product. If you've used the Benefit Gimme Brow or something similar it's pretty much the same thing just a lower end version. Both products will be used and I did know I'd be getting both items so I can't be too disappointed but they're both welcome .. although neither would probably be repurchased. 

The box also advertised brands such as Hydraluron, Lanolips, This Works and Spectrum Collections but none of those were in my box sadly ... the remaining contents featured a Comforting Face Mask and Exfoliator by Doux Me, Beauty Protector Beauty Body Wash (actually listed in my booklet as a Body Cream so possibly sent the wrong product?) Nude Pro Genius Omega Treatment Oil and Number 4 Reconstructing Mask sachet. The box itself in terms of £££ is pretty good but the level of products some are a real hit and some a real miss. 

I didn't think I'd enjoy the Number 4 Reconstructing Masque and when I saw the meesly looking sachet I didn't think my bleached damaged hair would really benefit from this at all .. but I have to be fair to Birchbox this was AMAZING. The product should be applied to freshly washed hair and I would recommend squeezing out excess water so hair is partly dry. You then apply the product through the ends and work your way up to the roots. Don't be too worried about applying this to the roots, it didn't make my hair greasy one bit. I did use it slightly different to the instructions and left it to air dry for around 15 minutes then washed out with warm water and allowed my hair to air dry. My hair felt amazing the day after and I didn't even need to use heat tools. This is quite a rarity for my hair and it only ever feels this good after a Kerastase treatment I get put on at the hairdressers for £16.00 a pop. I think for £36 it's a rather expensive product but on reflection of paying for my normal treatment, I would be sure to purchase this again. It's just a shame it's out of stock via Birchbox so I guess everyone else thought the same. 

I have yet to use the Beauty Protector Body Wash which as I said was incorrectly labelled in the description booklet and to be honest, it just seems like a bulk standard body wash that I'll use in about 2-3 washes and never purchase again, plus at an RRP of £10.90 it's more than I'd usually pay for a bodywash. The Nude Pro Genius Treatment Oil is a nice little bonus, I have previously heard good things about this product and have been looking for a more intensive treatment to use at night. I shall enjoy using this and the 5ml sample is pretty aye okay with my when a fullsize bottle is an RRP of £58. Again I have my HG face mask that I love to use so I'm not sure I'll get much out of the Doux Me Mask but I will be trying it one night, I may leave this for a little pamper night to see what it can offer but it looks like enough for 1-2 applications which can be hard to properly know if a product is worth purchasing and at £18.00 RRP this is more than my usual HG product. 

Overall, I was actually quite disappointed with this month's box and this is why I have cancelled my subscription a 3rd time around. There was two really good quality items being the Hair Masque and the Treatment Oil, two okay-ish products being the Lip Balm and the Eyebrows gel and two products I would've happily missed out on to be honest. I may try Birchbox again when they offer their little 'enticing' gifts to get me to subscribe again but for now, this box has been laid to rest. 

You can however get the Birchbox via my recommendation link and receive £5.00 worth of points when you subscribe here ---> and be quick as April's is coming soon! You can though use this link for next month so don't worry!

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