March 29, 2016

I love nothing more than reading fashion blogs and stalking fashion bloggers for new and fresh ideas, but sometimes I find them a little unrealistic. I work in a call centre where you can pretty much wear whatever you want and some days I have the attitude where I just really want to stay in my pyjama's and go to work so I'll wear things that pretty much pass as acceptable. I do like to however make a effort and feel good about myself but I still try to dress on a 'comfy' level. When fashion is slightly uncomfortable or non practical it just doesn't get grab my attention. So I wanted to start a new series called 'Practical Fashion' where I show you some of the more daily outfits that I actually DO wear and don't just photograph for the blog. Most outfits will be road tested and checked for practicality so I can assure you I won't flog you a dead horse but some will also be for occasions like when I attend BFW this April or date nights and dinner dates with friends. I personally think fashion should be more practical and more accessible to us all and I wanted to share this message with you all and inspire you! I'm going to try and stick to this series and post at least one Practical Fashion a week so keep your eyes peeled! But without further a do, here is the first post of Practical Fashion.

O U T F I T   D E T A I L S
This outfit was super comfy and road tested walking around town, collecting the car, doing the weekly food shop in Lidl and Asda and going out for dinner to the trendiest joint on earth - McDonalds. (I had to collect more Adventure Time toys ...)

Denim Oversized Bleach Shirt - Vintage (Similar from Asos £16.99)
Oversized Black Jersey Shirt (worn over denim shirt) - South (Similar from Asos £12.00)
Black Denim Jeans - George/ Asda Direct £20.00 
Wide Fit Black Boots - Primark £18.00 (Similar from NewLook £24.99)
Black Kanken Classic two way Backpack - Urban Outfitters £67.00
Necklace - Primark £3.00
Large White Stone Ring - Primark £2.50
Various Rings - from Mexico
Bracelet - Pandora with Various charms
Fake Septum Ring - Primark (5 styles for £2.00)
Nail Colour - Mauve Maven by Sensatonail

What would you like to see from Practical Fashion?! Would you wear this outfit out and about?

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  1. Oh you look SO pretty hun!! I know exactly what you mean, sometimes I look at an outfit post of someone's and think "there's no way you wear that to the shops" haha. I love your new piercing too! I'm in Bristol soon, would love to see you if you're about xx

    Sophie Elizabeth

    1. Thanks for the support as always gorgeous. I just hope others see the joy in more realistic looking fashion!

      Chloe Mary Davis | www.lovefromlucky.com