March 26, 2016

What do you do on a Saturday when your bored, fed up of unpacking from your two week Mexico holiday and feeling a little childish? You grab your coin jar and head down to the seaside (kinda!)
Myself and Ashley were a little bored of daily life as we've said above and wanted something fun to do that would take our minds off of the daily grind. So with our coin jar in tow we decided to head on down to a childhood favourited place, Brean and blow our saved up change on a fun afternoon.

 If you've not been to Brean then WHO ARE YOU?! HAVE YOU BEEN LIVING UNDER A ROCK?! Brean is near Burnham on Sea and is just past Weston Super Mare and it's like your childish tacky dreams have come true. It reminds me purely of my childhood as this was the place my Nan used to take me and my step sister and family to for the week/ sometimes two weeks and this would be our summer holiday. We filled our pockets full of our pocket money we got for the last few weeks and a few golden queens given to us from my mum and headed on down to the arcade for HOURS of fun. Grabbing the plastic coin tubs that are still the same to this day, we popped our money into the 2p machines and waited for those copper coins to spit out from the machines. We'd then excitedly run off to find which penny falls we liked the look of which were adorned with the tacky toys you could win (and probably purchase for cheaper than what you'd spend winning them but SHH!) you filled them with your 2p's and hoped for the best - usually having to grab an attendant as the toys never actually fell down the holes they were meant to.

I have to admit since my childhood, it seems that the toy's quality has actually improved (I spent ALL afternoon winning these awesome Marvel teddy keyrings and have to get all 5!) but it only seemed to be in this particular arcade. Some other arcades we went past seemed very sad and very very empty. To be honest most of Brean seemed to be a little lack lustre with people and even half of the rides in the leisure park were closed due to 'unforeseen circumstances' which made me a little sad as I really wanted to ride the ghost train. The last time I did this I was about 7 and I almost wet my pants from being so scared and I wanted to relive this and have a little giggle at little me. The arcade we were in must have been one of the best for prizes as it was buzzing with people on a cold Saturday afternoon. 

We decided after filling my new Kanken backpack full of our 2p toy haul to head over to a littler arcade across the road that was advertising some afternoon Bingo and found a seat on the oldschool looking bingo machines. 20p for two cards, we took our seats for Prize Bingo only to be surrounded by another 4 players ... WOAH talk about buzzing. It actually got to the point when a few left that it was just myself, Ashley and a regular they called one eyed Paul and the game had to be stopped as there was not enough players to carry on. With cheap games and a free cuppa, this seemed the place to be and I have to admit I got a little teary thinking back to memories of my Nan as she taught me to play Bingo for the first time, god rest her soul. 

We had such a fun filled afternoon which consisted of the dreaded 2p blackened hands, hot fresh donuts and laughing at our surroundings thinking back to our childhoods. We came home with so many toys which will probably be thrown away in a few days when either of us goes 'what's this crap?!' and no left over coinage but with fun filled times and memories in our heart.

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  1. Haha I've been under a rock - never been but it looks so fun and colourful! I love stuff like this - I'm taking Jack to Brighton for the first time to enjoy a similar sort of place! Great photos hun xx

    Sophie Elizabeth

    1. Well to be fair I have never been to Brighton so I live under a rock haha! <3

      Chloe Mary Davis |