March 12, 2016

So since no longer being a nail bitter, I am always experimenting with different polishes and colours on my nails. I had heard a LOT about Gel nails and also a lot about this kit both in separate conversations and when I saw this starter kit on sale on my birthday, I knew it was about time to invest and take it for a spin. The starter kit I choose was a seasonal special that came with the Gold Glitter and the Moroccan Rogue shades and was reduced from £70.00 to a mere £45.00 from the Boots store in Bristol. I don't think this kit is available anymore but do keep an eye out for the discounted kits when they change over shades or designs. I also purchased the 'Pink Daisy' shade along with the kit which was reduced from £15.00 to £7.50. Again I think this was another discounted special instore but you can purchase this shade via the Boots website for £15.00.

The kit contains the Gel Cleanser with Lint free Wipes, Gel Primer, Gel Base/Top Coat and the Gel Polish but depending on which kit you choose will also differ the included shade. The essential starter kits you can purchase contain either 'Scarlet Red', 'Pink Chiffon', 'French Manicure' and 'Raspberry'.

Each kit also contains the LED 3060 Pro Lamp, a nail buffer and a cuticle stick. Included is an instructional leaflet explaining the full process on how to prepare, paint and cure the nails and once the process is complete, the process promises up to 2 weeks* of damage proof, dazzling nails. 

My kit personally had a spillage of the Gel Primer which is THE stickiest formula ever and had spilled all over the packaging. I wasn't too fussed about the spillage but this did waste at least 2/3 of the product. I did try to continue with the process and they didn't last very long. I am not 100% sure if this is why they did not last but I had read some reviews online that stated you can actually skip this process and it shouldn't hinder the quality too much, (Follow up - I since emailed the team at Sensationail who apologised about the Primer leaking even before use and are sending a replacement in the post!)

I have to say how EASY this was to use was actually quite a shock. I thought there was going to be a super complicated process to this and that it was going to put me right off using in the future. 

As a newbie to gel nails I was quite pleased this is the kit I purchased and decided to try out. 

Step 1 - Wash hands and dry thoroughly then shape and buff the nails and use the Gel Cleanser to remove any dirt or build up on the nail. Allow the cleanser to dry for approx. 15 seconds

Step 2 - Apply the Gel Primer to each nail using an 'O' shape technique and allow to air dry for approx. 30 seconds. If you know Gel polish sticks to your nails well the site actually recommends that you can leave this step out

Step 3 - Apply a thin layer of the Base and Top coat to your nails making sure to 'cap' each nail. This just means to make sure your applying to the edge of each nail to seal the Gel in otherwise this is how they can chip and peel. Make sure to be neat with the base coat as this is what allows the colour to stick to your nails. I did not know this prior to my first application then wondered why my nails didn't look fully covered so make sure to take your time for a perfect looking manicure. Cure this with the lamp for 15 seconds (check your model as mine is the latest version which states 15 seconds but the first version states 30 seconds - an easy way to tell is the new version turns on as soon as nails are placed into the machine where as the first version has a button that needs to be pressed)

Step 4 - This is where you apply your chosen colour, I opt'd for the Pink Daisy which is quite a deep colour so may have only needed one coat but I followed the instructions and applied two coats. The website states the coats needed will depend on colour or desired effect. Each coats needs to be cured for 30 seconds (60 seconds for old machine) and cured between each coat. So two coats would mean apply, cure, apply, cure. 

Step 5 & 6 - Now it's time for the top coat. Apply another thin layer and avoid the cuticles and cure for 15 seconds (30 seconds for old machine) Then apply some gel cleanser to a lint free wipe and remove the moisture layer from each nail. 

Then your nails are complete and you are free to admire and touch everything, No more waiting around for nails to dry. So for my opinion, I do love this machine but I think practice makes perfect. I had tried two applications previous to my holiday to Mexico and although they did last pretty well, I wouldn't say I got the full 2 weeks wear but this was without the Gel Primer so maybe my nails do need this to help the gel stick. 

I got about 2 days into wear and noticed a few chips near the cuticles which was a tad annoying and a little bit of a thicker application on some nails but this was my error due to being new to the process. After a few days of 30'c heat and hot tubbing/ swimming in the sea and swimming pools, my gel nails started to lift. Now knowing they are a soak off gel nail this doesn't surprise me too much but I was a little miffed they only last around 5 days but this was with hardcore abuse to them. 

However this has not put me off and I will be ordering a few more colours and possibly trying the new product that Sensationail has realised which allows you turn normal polishes into gel polishes to use with the machine which would be a HUGE money saver. I think this is a great kit to start off if your quite a newbie to the Gel scene but there may be better products out there for the pro's. 

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