April 16, 2016

So I was kindly invited along for my 2nd trip to Bristol Fashion Week by the Marketing team to enjoy the show and to take in some hints and tips to share about this years fashions and styles available from the high street. My invitation was also extended to attend a complimentary Styling Consultation previous to the show with 'The Image Consulting Co'. The idea of the session was to spend an hour discussing any wardrobe issues I may be having and to give me some tailored advice on what colours and styles would best suit me to better aid with my shopping choices in the future. Bristol Fashion Week was full of goody bags, delicious snacks and showcased some of the best in British Fashion as we head into Spring Summer 2016. 

My consultation with Emmeline started with us discussing what kind of fashion I currently wear and the reasons why. I discussed with Emmeline that I quite like to wear skinny jeans and some form of a loose top to hide my top part of my body a bit as I struggle with body confidence issues which I am currently working on to become happier with my body. I also discussed how I am quite scared of colour and usually opt for darker shades and if I do reach for colour, I generally just stick to monochromes and greys. 

Emmeline proceeded to show me some colour swatches that she thought would be great with my skin tone and started to show me the ways I could wear these colours. We decided on the slightly more 'muted' tones and was advised to steer clear of warmer tones and to stick with more 'blue' hues to compliment my skin tone. Emmeline showed me some gorgeous fashions from Ted Baker and Oasis that are available at the moment on the highstreet and gave me some top tips on what kind of clothes I should wear and should avoid. We decided I should be braver with my colour choices and opt for some Aqua and Fuchsia tones, Navy's and Greens. As a self confessed 'monochrome' addict this slightly scared me but as our conversation progressed, I could see myself in a few of Emmeline's choices for me. I loved the Midi Floral Navy and Fuchsia skirt from Ted Baker with rose gold detailing and the striped Navy and White Jersey Blazer from Oasis. Emmeline managed to convince me to try a little more colour and pattern in the future and I can't wait to use her wise words to shop better and see if I can work this into my style. I'd just love to say thankyou to Emmeline for the confidence she has given me in not being so scared in experimenting a little more with my wardrobe choices but also giving me the knowledge to embrace S/S without deterring from my own personal style. 

Once my consultation was over, I met up with Emily from Mermaid Gossip and Sophie from Saints on a Plane and headed for the beautiful Aqua marquee for a few pre-show shots of our outfits and headed inside to see what was on offer this year. The Marketing team at The Mall had put together a 'summer fate' themed picnic in the entrance hall with delicious old English lemonade from Marks and Spencers* and glazed doughnuts from the king of doughnuts, Krispy Kreme*. This was not looking good for the diet but I did indulge in a donut and lemonade or two just for review purposes of course.

The show this year seemed very 'English' - opening with a Wimbledon themed catwalk (we were all obsessed with the tennis headband!) and continuing with themes such as The Great British Bake Off, English Garden Wedding, Street Style and The Races. Some of my favourite looks included this gorgeous 60's Pencil black and white check dress (still can't remember where this is from, sorry!) I loved seeing quite a few Navy and patterned looks as it inspired me even more from my chat with Emmeline to experiment more! The show was fabulous as ever and Denise Van Outen and Mark Heyes did a great job as always. 

After the show - we were also kindly invited along to M&S's Blogger After Party were I got to meet some lovely like minded ladies and again, indulge in some goodies they had to offer. We were generously given a large goody bag featuring a gorgeous new Nail Polish I have worn non stop since getting it from the brand Leighton Denny called Butterfly Wings* - think mermaid iridescent-ness) and a luxurious looking Milk Cleanser* in a hefty travel size from Dr Hauschka

I had a wonderful time at Bristol Fashion Week and would just like to extend my thanks to;
Emmeline from theimageconsultingcompany, Gina Jones - The Mall Cribbs Causeway's Marketing Team and Emily Pryor - VM Section Manager from Marks and Spencers

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