April 13, 2016

I've beccome a bit of beauty box addict as of late and since my last 'disappointment' month with Birchbox I decided to try out another company. Next on the list was Cohorted's monthly box which is aimed at a slightly higher buying market than Birchbox, with a monthly cost coming in at £35,00 but promises to deliver higher quality, high end products that you wouldn't usually get in other beauty boxes. This is something that instantly drew me to this option. Although higher priced, I'd become fed up of trying the same old products box in box out and wanted something a little more 'luxury' for my money. It felt like a little sting parting with £35.00 and as the box works one month in advance - payment for this April box was taken back on the 21st of March and then delivered on the 9th of April. This may not seem like a long time but for me it felt like a LIFETIME (I can be quite impatient) The box arrived and I opened in anticipation for what the higher end box could offer me and I felt delight .. with a hint of disappointment. 

Upon opening the box, you are greeted with your Monthly run down booklet showing you all the RRP's of each items (much easier than trying to work it all out!) and a full description of each item recieved. I believe you should get on average 4-5 items per month and unlike Birchbox, most items are full sized! Hooray! Aprils beauty box totalled a full value of £93.00 and offered 5 brands offering 8 products in total.

Let's start with the products that didn't really rock my boat 100%. First up we have the 'Miss Patisserie' Cupcake Bath Melt that came beautifully and individually boxed RRP £3.99. When I first saw this product I felt a little disappointed. The reason I say this is since moving out just over 11 months ago, our new modern flat is without a bath .... so I have not been able to enjoy bath bombs. The product smells beautiful and for only £3.99 - screams luxury and would make a lovely gift for someone. But sadly I felt a little let down by such a high priced box sending out a product with the assumption all box subscribers would have a use for this. I will pass this on to my mum or a friend to be used and enjoyed but I was a little disappointed to receive this as one of my products. 

The next product I was actually quite surprised to see was the 'White Musk Libertine' Body Shop Eau De Toilette RRP £24.00. The reason I say this is because I don't think I've EVER paid full price for a Body Shop item. They have so many sales and offers and discounts in the stores and online that seeing this didn't really make me go 'wow what a great item to get!'. I expected some 'higher end' brands and Body Shop doesn't really meet this expectation. Body Shop describe the Libertine fragrance as a bold, new twist on the classic fragrance featuring top notes of cruelty free musks and undertones of Turkish Delight, baby orchids and Chantilly cream. The bottle is full sized at 60ml and smells just like spring. It's a very light, floraly, and sweet smelling fragrance and will probably be thrown into the handbag to use on days when I need a little spritz of something. This might be one to try if your looking for a fresh, young scent for Spring and don't want to break the bank!

The next items I came across again, gave me a mixed emotion feeling because the box features two lip products.I had hoped for a little more variation but was surprised to see something from the new brand Cohorted introduced last week 'MDM Flow' and also a Mac 'Patent Polish Lip Pencil' in the shade My Flip Side RRP £17.50. 

The Lip Pencil is more of a 'chubby stick' style product and is gloss in finish. The highly popular Patent Polish Lip Pencils are described as your 'go to magic wand' for high impact lips achieved with a single swipe. Available in 14 shades, the shade I received was 'My Flip Side' which is very reminiscent of the Kylie Jenner shades you can get on the market and is not the usual shade I'd personally purchase. But once swatched, this transfers as a more 'Nude' gloss shade that you could wear on a daily basis. I do like that the pencil is twist up so there is no need to sharpen and would be very easily a handbag friendly item. I'd hoped to receive one of the red shades Cohorted had advertised on their Instagram page as a sneak peek of the April Box but will probably get more use out of this more neutral shade so overall am quite happy with this product.

The 'Cohorted Loves' choice this month (each month Cohorted share a product with us all that they've been loving) featured MDM Flow's lipsticks. MDM Flow is a post 90's brand influenced by the glamour associated with the mid 90's-2000's hip hop culture and all MDM flow Lipsticks are handmade using the latest colour technology. I received the shade 'Panther' which I would describe as a Barbie pink shade which personally, I would not have purchased but actually quite LOVE the shade. It does swatch a little more 'Lavender' toned than I had originally anticipated but is still a gorgeous shade. RRP £18.99, these lipsticks are highly pigmented and feature chic and simple gold packaging embellished with the brands logo. Panther is actually a shade that doesn't seem to feature on the Cohorted website which but they do offer some unique shades such as Milkshake which was inspired by Kelis's track and Mas-Marina - a Bright blue shade only the brave would dare to wear. The lipstick feels nice in texture on the skin but does require a few swipes in order to get a more opaque and even tone to the lips. The products does smell slightly soapy but I wouldn't let this put you off - I can't wait to wear this fun shade and show my wild side a little more.

The last but largest offering from this box was the Gold Elements Nailcare Kit RRP £29.49 featuring a Hand and Nail cream, Cuticle Oil, Nail File and Buffing Block. As a self confessed nail addict, this is a nice edition to the box. The Hand Cream formula is a little thicker than I am used to but feels very luxurious when rubbed into the hands. I have yet to use the cuticle oil but it smells nice in fragrance and feels very nourishing. The only thing I have noticed with both hand products is the packaging is not the most user friendly. The Hand cream is a screw top and would be a lot better with a snap shut closure and the cuticle oil has to be squeezed out from a small opening - again a brush application would've been a nicer touch. The nail file appears to look like your usual Nail file just branded with 'Gold' and the buffing block is a nice touch that is usually a product I don't purchase but will get some use from.

Overall I was quite impressed with the Cohorted Beauty Box despite the double lip product and a few of the items not being as 'high end' as I have previously seen being offered by the company but I will continue to subscribe to see what is on offer next month. For more information on Cohorted's Beauty Subscription or the products featured - visit Cohorted

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