April 20, 2016

By now you probably know I'm a 'no brass' warrior when it comes to my hair. As soon as I see a yellowish cast on my hair I go hard on it and apply everything I have in my arsenal. Which is vastly growing as of lately as the drug stores just keep bringing out new products that are just so darn good. A new product on the market you may yet not of heard of is from those bargain critters 'Smart Beauty' called express-colour. It's a conditioning toner that helps you preserve your colour between salon visits and can also help blend out greys. Now it's not only available in a few blonde shades such as Ash Blonde, Honey Blonde and Platinum Blonde but they have also made colour versions for other hair addicts such as Chestnut Brown, Copper Brown, Mahogany, Rich Red and Warm Brown. I wish they would introduce a few Pink toned shades and maybe some fashion colours as this product is brilliant. 

It's described as a hair dye that is also conditioning, think of mixing your fashion semi permanent dyes with conditioner and this is pretty much a ready made version of that. When I first opened the pot I thought 'this isn't going to do a lot and have I wasted my cash' as it pretty much looked like one of my home made formulas using conditioner and Directions Lavender dye. But I thought I'd give it the benefit of the doubt before I used it - don't judge before you try!

Application was super easy - gloves are included which you may need for some of the darker brunette or red shades but I just grabbed a dollop with my bare hands and proceeded to run this through towel dried washed hair. It only recommends 3 minutes for the whole process and advises to leave on for no longer than 10 minutes. This is for the blonde shades and I have researched that the darker shades can actually be left for up to 30 minutes. I usually leave these sorts of treatments of for around 30 minutes but thought for my first try I'd follow the rules to see how effective it was. Three minutes later, I washed out the product and styled as usual and at first I didn't really think it did a lot but looking back at these pictures, I can see it really knocked out a few of the yellow tones I had lingering in my hair. I've always wanted to go for a light grey tone but I've never been brave enough yet but feel if you used this product a few times you may actually get a subtle grey result as you can see on my final close up picture. This was after just one application and following the 3 minute rule. 

As for how far the tub can go - it states one application can last up to 6 washes and each tub can give 5 applications dependant on hair length. I hardly even made a dent in tub and would say I probably used between 1/5 to 1/6 of the product. So at £6.99 this is a really cost effective toner and a lot easier to get your hands on considering you can purchase this from Superdrug. The product is also PPD free, bleach free and ammonia free. I can't recommend this product enough and suggest before and after photos just so you can see the differences. 

(Try not to judge the conditioning effects from my photos - my hair was in MAJOR need of a trim and I had one a few days after these photos were taken so apologies!) 

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