May 17, 2016

Crown and Glory are one of the biggest names in Floral Crown history and this week I was invited along to one of the most exciting Blogclub events that has been held in Bristol (I know this because tickets to the event were snatched up in less than a minute, we're crazy us bloggers) I know you've all heard of Crown and Glory and have probably seen or even own some of their gorgeous hair accessories. As I said, they are most famously known for their wonderful floral crowns available in all sizes and colours and their latest venture has seen some of their products available to purchase from House of Fraser. As a special treat, they opened a pop up stand in the heart of Bristol and us bloggers were lucky enough to be invited along to sample what was on offer and make our own bespoke floral crowns!

Gareth and Sophie kindly provided us bloggers with some bubbles and cupcakes (they know the way to our hearts) before explaining the process of how to make your own bespoke crown. From the vast array of flowers on offer, you pick out your favourite options available to you and then choose either a crown or a headband style. As you'll probably guess, we all choose floral crowns because who wouldn't! 

I decided to go for a wild, gothic floral vibe and picked out some black accent flowers, purple and white roses and some baby breath flowers to add detail. Gareth then laid out my flower choices and advised me on what he thought would work in terms of arrangement. I didn't even think about the layout but Gareth had this down to a tee and knew exactly what would look good with my chosen flowers. He then set off to work and was an absolute whizz at making crowns, Sophie has taught this man well. They are literally the best power couple ever. 

Once my crown was made, I was in utter awe at just how me it was. Gareth got the arrangement spot on and I am utterly in love with my crown. I did get a little jealous at some of the other bloggers choices as most went for a vibrant array of colours and mixture of flowers but then I remembered that each and every person's crown screamed them and their person style. This is just what I loved about the whole process and it was lovely to see how someone's personal style can influence the final outcome. I just wanted to thank Crown and Glory for having us along and for giving me my first C&G piece, and I know it won't be the last!

Lily from LilyDoughball and Emily from Mermaid Gossip showing off their creations.

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