May 04, 2016

This bank holiday weekend, I was in some SERIOUS need of relaxation and thankfully we had scheduled a much needed visit to go and see Ash's Brother, Lloyd and his Fiancée Rosie in Bournemouth. We packed up our bags and headed down on Friday to enjoy some family time with them and of course, some good food and shopping. British weather was not on our side and during our visit to the New Forest - we experienced everything from Sunshine to hailstones and even snow!

Rosie (who is Ash's Brothers Fiancée - so much dissociation) is currently growing a mass ton of Tomato plants however she didn't realise each seedling she planted would grow! Aren't they just the cutest little devils though?

Rosie and Lloyd took us to the New Forest which is in southern England and has some beautiful sites to offer. It's surrounded by idyllic British villages and we stopped off at Lyndhurst so we could eat our packed picnic. There is lots of wildlife in the New Forset such as sheep, cows and even free roaming ponies! We did get to meet a few of the ponies who seemed quite tame actually and they even followed us back to our car. One horse in particular (we called him Craig .. although now we think he was a girl horse!) wanted to join in on our picnic action and gave Ash a little nuzzle - soooo cute. 

The weekend also consisted of a little shopping therapy, Rosie like myself is a fellow bargain hunter and we managed to bag a few goodies. The last place we escaped to was Westbourne as Rosie wanted to show us this amazing Hot Chocolate cafe but sadly it being bank holiday, it was shut! Westbourne was a super cute village though adorned with charity shops and quirky little gift stores. We had a quick look around at what was on offer and headed home with some ingredients to make our own homemade hot chocolates. I had such a lovely weekend de-stressing and just wanted to say thankyou to Rosie and Lloyd for putting us up over the weekend. 

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