May 07, 2016

I'd been feeling a bit pants lately due to an anxiety attack and some general life dramas and just needed to relax and have some me time. Conveniently the lovely folks at Ocean Loans sent across an email asking if I wanted to indulge in a stress free 'relaxing' day courtesy of them and of course I hoped on that chance, I mean who wouldn't?! Ocean's ethos is all about making people's lives easier and to help take the stress out of everyday life. We headed down to Bournemouth for the weekend to visit Ash's Brother Lloyd and his Brothers Fiancée Rosie and thought it was the best time to really indulge in some stress free relaxation and arranged a few treats for us all.  If you haven't already seen my Photo Diary - Bank Holiday in Bournemouth then make sure to head over to that post. 

So to start of the weekend we escaped to The New Forest for some activity and also if you didn't already know, greenery and being outdoors is great for people suffering from stress/ depression and anxiety. The reason for this is not only due to nature's calming effect on these symptoms, but being outdoors is a great excuse for exercise which is an easy way to boost endorphins in the body, helping with self-esteem issues and helping to reduce the effects of sadness, anger and tension. 

Sadly it did start to rain and even snow whilst we were out and about so we decided to go home and indulge in some home comforts. I purchased some new super soft PJ's from Primark this weekend which as soon as we got home, went on along with the oven for us to make homemade brownies!

Rosie found the most INCREDIBLE Brownie recipe which we slightly adapted to be even more chocolatey and we managed to make the most amazing, dense and gooey brownies I've ever had. I am totally addicted. If you head to Woman's Own where we got the brownie recipe from it is listed as Creme Egg Brownies but we adapted them by cutting up Milk and White chocolate and then just placing this onto the top of the brownie mixture, then running the mixture lightly over the chocolate so it doesn't burn. 

If you wanted to make them you will need;
185g Dark Chocolate 
185g Unsalted Butter
85g Plain Flour
40g Cocoa Powder
3 Eggs
275g Caster Sugar

Once the brownies were baked and we consumed ridiculous amounts of them, we had a mini pamper session including face masks and pore strips I managed to get from Primark and Superdrug. We also decided to treat our nails to a mini manicure and then relaxed with some pre made cocktails. I had the BEST de-stressing time this weekend and I just want to say thank-you to Ocean Finance Loans for making this post possible. 

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